All the Planes Knelt and Begged the Villainess to be Humane Chapter 3978: Born with original sin, I want to be a lamp (24)



Gu Wan and the others were stunned for a moment, seeing Qianyan quietly waiting for the answer, they couldn’t bear to refuse.


The people from the relevant departments just came to investigate Jiao Wendong. There is no evidence to prove that he committed a crime, so it’s okay to ask the children to say a few words.


The people around were stunned, this should be Jiao Qianyan, right? Some time ago on the show, she bravely exposed the little girl who had been kidnapped by her mother and lived a hard life.


What does she come to their school for?


By the way, who is the eldest brother she is talking about?


These students quickly came back to their senses, with astonishment on their faces. Could it be what they thought?


Why haven’t I heard that Jiao Dacheng has an older son?


By the way, Jiao Dacheng kidnapped a woman before and was beaten to death by him and Zhou Sufen. It should be the child of this woman, right?


No, they want to find out who the big brother Jiao Qianyan is talking about.


It stands to reason that such a big thing happened, how can the other party still attend classes in school safely?


If it was really the child born by that woman, according to the investigation results announced by the relevant department, Jiao Qianyan said that this brother would have to deal with this kind of thing no matter what, and it would be very wrong to stay in the school all the time.


Actually, there was a guide next to Qianyan. After taking Qianyan and others to the third floor, they quickly found Jiao Wendong and Nie Yutong.


Without waiting for the leader to say more, Qianyan ran to Jiao Wendong first, and at the same time raised his voice and shouted: “Brother!”


I don’t know if Qianyan’s voice had some penetrating power, and everyone on the third floor fell silent in an instant, and they couldn’t help but look at her position.


Qianyan’s face is familiar to anyone who surfs the Internet, and many people soon recognized her and started talking about her in a low voice. In fact, the photos and videos on the Internet were coded later, but the incident happened suddenly before, and it was useless to code later. They found that Qianyan was not an ordinary child, and they basically couldn’t affect her, so they felt relieved.


Jiao Wendong was also startled by the voice, but he didn’t think it was calling him, and followed the position of the voice like everyone else.


When he saw Qianyan running towards his position, Jiao Wendong’s whole body was stiff, as if his brain exploded for a moment, and he forgot to react for a while. .


Qianyan has already come to him: “Brother, are you not online?”


“A lot has happened during this time.”


“Dad and grandma were arrested, and no one will bully my mother in the future.”


“I heard from the police uncle that the eldest brother and mother were also killed by their father and grandma, and now they will be punished. Brother, don’t you know these things?”


“I didn’t see you go back, so I came to you and wanted to tell you the good news.”


It was quiet. Gu Wan and the people in the relevant departments vaguely sensed something, and then looked at Qianyan’s eyes full of speechlessness.


Before they thought that the little girl was missing her elder brother, but she wanted to give her elder brother such a big surprise, black sesame stuffing.


But having said that, the little girl who can boldly tell the truth on the program group cannot be judged by ordinary children.


She not only shed Jiao Dacheng’s blood, but also Tan Shilan’s blood.


Obviously, her character is more like Tan Shilan.


Tan Shilan was trapped and did not give up, and finally found a chance to escape.


Jiao Qianyan is not afraid of the viciousness of Jiaojia Village, and exposes everything in public.


Jiao Wendong felt the feeling of blood flowing backwards all over his body, and he wanted to faint in an instant.


However, his physical fitness is good, and this level of fright can’t make him dizzy.


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