Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 2: Strong



Zhang Yuan was about to go crazy. He was slapped twice in the face by a piece of junk! In his rage, he didn’t even think about why a second-layer waste material could slap him, a fourth-layer person, in the face. He immediately shouted and rushed towards Ling Han.


He has only one thought now, and that is to beat this **** hard.


He threw a punch, full of power, with the sound of a strong wind.


Ling Leng was unusually quiet. In his previous life, he could naturally deal with 10,000 Zhang Yuan with a flick of his finger, but now he only has the power of the second layer of body refinement. It’s a little troublesome, but it’s just a little trouble. After all, the one who dominates this body is the former powerhouse of heaven and man, and his eyes are there!


As long as Zhang Yuan raises his hand and moves his foot, Ling Han can infer where the punch will go and where his footsteps will move. already reacted.


Phew, when this punch hit, Zhang Yuan couldn’t help showing a sneer. If he punched him, the crushing power would instantly make Ling Han lose his ability to resist, so he could only be beaten.






Zhang Yuan showed a look of surprise, because this punch seemed to hit Ling Han’s face, but it was actually a little bit worse – Ling Han took a step back in time, and let this pass just right. fist.


One point more, one point less, as if it was accurately measured with a ruler, and it just stopped in front of Ling Han’s nose.


It must be a coincidence, Zhang Yuan said in his heart.


At this moment, Ling Han slapped him again.


Pop, a clear and loud voice sounded, and Zhang Yuan received a slap in the face again.


“Damn!” Zhang Yuan spat, and after shouting loudly, he punched Ling Han again.


Ling Han moved almost at the same time, his upper body leaned back, huh, Zhang Yuan’s punch was in the air again. He put his hands on the ground, kicked out his right foot, and slammed it between Zhang Yuan’s legs.


“Ow—” Even if you train the fourth layer of the body, it is still impossible to practice the Iron Egg Technique. Being kicked firmly by this kick, Zhang Yuan immediately knelt to the ground, covered his crotch with both hands, and his face was oozing out. Bean big cold sweat.


“You are so insidious!” Zhang Yuan said convulsively, his entire face distorted to the point of being almost humanoid.




Ling Han slapped his face again, opened his mouth, and spat out several broken teeth. Ling Han naturally wouldn’t sympathize and said: “A dog is a dog, and it really can’t spit out ivory.”


Zhang Yuan was furious. He actually knelt on the ground and was slapped wildly on the face by a second-level body training. What kind of humiliation was this? He wanted to fight back, but the kick in his life directly disintegrated his ability to resist, and it hurt like **** when he moved.


But Ling Han must not be allowed to ruin Ling Chongkuan’s good deeds, otherwise, if he fails to complete the task given by the other party… With Ling Chongkuan’s character, he will definitely be killed.


“Han, Young Master Han, listen to me, you can’t leave here. In fact, you are poisoned. If you leave this room, you will die of poisoning.” He was anxious to keep Ling Han here.


Ling Han couldn’t help laughing, could such a clumsy performance fool him? He kicked Zhang Yuan away with a kick. Now he has no time to waste time with this lackey. He must stop Ling Zhongkuan’s tricks from succeeding, otherwise his father’s desperate efforts will be to make wedding dresses for others.


As for Zhang Yuan? Ling Han naturally wouldn’t take such a small person to heart. Anyway, as long as Ling Chongkuan saw him appear, he would definitely go to treat Zhang Yuan, and he didn’t need to get his hands dirty at all.


“Don’t go! Don’t go!” Zhang Yuan came from behind with a cry of pleading, as if he had already seen his tragic end.


For the sake of the tiger, the lock is free to take, and it is not worthy of sympathy.


Ling Han strode forward. A few minutes later, he came to the inner door of the living room. Before he entered, he heard an old and loud voice from outside: “Miss Liu, please, please!”


The living room has two doors, inside and outside. The inner door is connected to the inner courtyard, and the outer door leads to the main door. Looking out through the door curtain, I saw a group of five people walking in, four men and one woman.


Apart from the woman, the four men Ling Han knew were all members of the Ling family. One of the sixty-sixth old man was the Great Deacon Ling Chongkuan, and two of the other three were middle-aged men in their forties. It was Ling Chongkuan’s son, and in the end it was a young man who was a year or two older than Ling Han. That was Ling Chongkuan’s eldest grandson, Ling Muyun.


Ling Han looked at the only woman, even though his eyes lit up with the vision of his previous life, this woman is really beautiful, and the autumn water is the **** and the moon, and she is only seventeen or eighteen years old. Appearance, but already has the moving style of bringing disaster to the country and the people.


It’s just that her expression is too cold, like an iceberg, repelling anyone’s approach.


This girl must be from Huyang Academy, what a coincidence.




Ling Han’s pupils dilated slightly, he found a more coincidental thing, and a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.


The two parties sat down separately, and several maids served tea and stood respectfully beside the seats of the five.


“Are you ready to send the people from the Ling family to the academy?” Liu Yutong said, his voice was cold and pleasant, with a hint of disdain. What she hated the most was the act of opening the back door. Although she was ordered to come here, she had no good feelings for this future junior brother.


“Ready, ready!” Ling Chongkuan said quickly, although he was old enough to be the grandfather of a young girl, but the realm of both parties was impressively the same, they were both in the Primordial Gathering Realm.


Wu has no age, and the strong are respected.


Even, Ling Chongkuan has a feeling that this girl’s cultivation is even higher than him – he is on the sixth floor of Juyuan, while the girl may be on the seventh floor or even the eighth This also makes him He is even more eager to send his grandson to Huyang Academy. In a few years, he will definitely surpass Ling Dongxing in realm and help him grab the title of Patriarch.


“Mu Yun, why don’t you come and see you Senior Sister Liu!” The old guy turned around and said to Ling Muyun.


“Yes, Grandpa!” Ling Muyun said very respectfully, bowed his hands to Liu Yutong, and said, “Mu Yun has seen Senior Sister Liu!” His eyes were a bit fiery, and he showed a fiery look at this cool, beautiful and powerful beauty. full of ambition.


He believes that as long as he spends more time with each other, he will surely win the heart of beauty.


Liu Yutong was a little surprised. She remembered that the person who opened the back door of the Ling family was called Ling Han. However, what does this have to do with her, she is only responsible for bringing people back to the academy.


“Now that you’re ready, let’s go.” She said lightly.


“Miss Liu, are you staying in the humble house for a few days, so that we can talk about our feelings?” Ling Zhongkuan said quickly, he wanted to get close to this girl, and he could take care of his grandson in the future.


“No need!” Liu Yutong refused indifferently and turned to leave.


“Stay for a while!” A voice sounded, and Ling Han also strode out.


The expressions of the four Ling Chongkuan changed slightly. No matter how they looked down on this waste of the Ling family, but now they are thieves, of course, they will feel guilty.


“Brother Han, aren’t you injured? Hurry up and go back to the house to recuperate.” Ling Muyun’s reaction was very fast, he rushed to Ling Han’s side in a single stride, and reached out to grab it. He wanted to restrain Ling as soon as possible. Cold, do not give the other party a chance to speak.


He is on the seventh level of body refinement, and his strength is by no means comparable to that of Zhang all readers to come and read, the latest, fastest and most popular serial works are all


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