A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu Chapter 5979: I prefer to hear you call (2)


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Chapter 5979 I prefer to hear you call (2)

After breakfast, Lu Xiyu and his wife sent the two little ones to school.

On the way, naturally we continued the hot topics from the morning.

While talking, Lu Xiyu suddenly reacted:

“Yanci, you were there at that time, did you hear it?”

Xiao Yanci nodded calmly, “I heard it.”

When mom and dad said in unison: “Why didn’t you tell me?”

Xiao Yanci tilted her head, “I promised Uncle Yinuo not to tell… Sister Weiwei bought me a toy.”

Lu Xiyu and his wife could only sigh that Su Yinuo, an old fox, was so good at handling things.

He was right. His serious image was enough to deceive them, so they would not believe Yu Heng’s words, and Yanci, a little man who kept his word, would obediently keep their secrets for them.

Therefore, they played secret love very enthusiastically in front of several children.

Isn’t this a bad taste?

Huang Fuya asked curiously: “Who else knows now?”

“It’s just the four of us.” Lu Xiyu said, “I made a promise not to tell anyone else.”

“Well!” Huang Fuya smiled meaningfully, “But I didn’t agree to him.”

Xiao Yanci reminds parents: “Sister Weiwei…”

Huang Fuya understood what he meant, pinched his little face and said, “Don’t worry, we are not trying to trick Sister Weiwei, we are only targeting Uncle Yinuo!”

That doesn’t matter!

Yan Ci lowered his head to study the things in his hands.

So strictly speaking, he did not sell Su Yinuo out of Ye Zhiwei’s face.

Huang Fuya is not surprised – red pandas have such charm that even children of several years old like her.

It’s not surprising that Su Yinuo, a flower on a high mountain, was dragged down to earth by her.

But it’s not fun to fall in love without telling your family!

The tricks they used to deal with Mu Nian and Xin’an back then seemed very uncreative.

They need to think of something new!


Su Yinuo and Ye Zhiwei were immersed in the sweet atmosphere, unaware that their secret was spreading in Dingya Villa…

After breakfast, Su Yinuo sent Ye Zhiwei back to change clothes.

Before getting off the bus, Ye Zhiwei said: “Brother Yinuo, please leave first. I will take a taxi to the company later.”

Su Yinuo held her hand and she came over to kiss him. Su Yinuo curled her lips and said, “Weiwei, I just want to tell you: after last night, I’m looking forward to us living together in the future. .”

It’s embarrassing to say this so directly.

But then I thought that it was a very happy thing to be able to see brother Yinuo as soon as I opened my eyes. ·

Ye Zhiwei raised her slightly red face and said in Su Yinuo’s ear: “I’m looking forward to it too!” After saying that, he slipped out of the car, embarrassed to even say “goodbye”, and rushed into the apartment with a sullen expression. .

Su Yinuo looked at her back, the corners of his lips raised crazily.

They will live together.

And it’s not too late.

Ye Zhiwei was also really looking forward to it. He jumped to the law firm and met Qiu Yixia.

Qiu Yixia’s makeup was exquisite, and her clothes were full of elite style. There was no trace of the shock she suffered last night.

Ye Zhiwei had no intention of saying anything more to her, but simply said hello: “Morning, senior sister.”

After last night, Qiu Yixia had completely realized that even if she wanted to win over Su Yinuo, she had nowhere to go.

The biggest reason is that Su Yinuo’s heart already belongs to Ye Zhiwei.

She couldn’t help but look at Ye Zhiwei——

Young and clean face, not stained by any worldly desires.

The bright apricot eyes sparkle with idealism.

All these are the reasons why she shines so brightly and is so lovable.

In the world of adults, Ye Zhiwei may be the only person in the world who is extremely powerful but poses no threat to others.

There is no second Ye Zhiwei in this world.

Ordinary people cannot become Ye Zhiwei.

So, she doesn’t have to compete with her.

Although she thought about it, Qiu Yixia still smiled a little reluctantly, “Weiwei, morning.”

Ye Zhi smiled and went to work on his own.

Uncle Liang Sheng’s case is progressing smoothly, and all the evidence and witnesses are ready, waiting for the trial to begin.

She proposed to appear in court with Wei Cong, and Wei Cong agreed.

In short, everything is improving.

She and Su Yinuo also had a sweet relationship, getting sweeter every day.

But on Friday morning, a small accident happened.

On his way to work, Wei Cong was intercepted by Zeng Tian’s wife.

After Zeng Tian was put on file for investigation, the Zeng family completely lost their prestige in the village.

Most importantly, they can no longer **** blood from villagers.

Zeng Tian’s wife put the blame on Wei Cong, blocked Wei Cong at the entrance of the office building, and smashed eggs all over Wei Cong.

Wei Cong was very calm, but he was not someone to be trifled with. He called the police directly and had the person arrested.

The incident spread in the CBD, and everyone lamented that lawyers are a high-risk profession.

Su Yinuo himself cannot receive these gossips.

However, the secretary deliberately mentioned it in front of him, and finally said: “Ms. Ye is from Wei’s legal team… I wonder if she has been implicated? Mr. Su, aren’t you worried about Miss Ye? We are all worried. ”

Su Yinuo raised his eyes and saw only two words: “Get out.”

He is anxious!

The secretary left with satisfaction and closed the door behind him.

Su Yinuo took the phone and called Ye Zhiwei directly.

Ye Zhiwei was shocked when she saw Wei Cong walking into the law office in embarrassment and dripping with egg liquid. She hurriedly found clothes for Wei Cong with her assistant. She asked Wei Cong to change into them first, and finally asked the assistant to send the clothes he had changed out of. Dry cleaning.

Understanding what happened, before she could finish digesting it, she received a call from Su Yinuo.

He should have received the message.

Ye Zhiwei walked to the tea room and answered the phone, “Brother Yinuo, I’m fine, I’m at the law firm.”

Su Yinuo breathed a sigh of relief and pointed to the point: “How many people came to see Wei Cong?”

“Zeng Tian’s wife is the only one.” Ye Zhiwei said, “She must be mentally unbalanced and come to vent.”

“Don’t take it lightly.” Su Yinuo warned, “You’d better be careful these days.”

Ye Zhiwei found a new way of life for the villagers, and also indirectly cut off the Zeng family’s financial path.

Zeng Tian’s wife dared to look for Wei Cong, so there was no guarantee that she wouldn’t target Ye Zhiwei.

The more Su Yinuo thought about it, the more worried he became: “I will pick you up from get off work today.”

“It’s not good!” Ye Zhiwei blurted out, “In case we are seen…not just in case, we will definitely be seen during the rush hour. Brother Yinuo, you’d better not come.”

“I have a way.” Su Yinuo’s voice sounded steady, “Don’t worry.”

Ye Zhiwei is not worried, but he is inevitably a little nervous, “Brother Yinuo…”

Su Yinuo interrupted her, “See you in the afternoon, I have to go to a meeting.”

Ye Zhiwei could only hang up the phone and return to his workstation.

Wei Cong came back from changing clothes and said: “Lawyer Ye, don’t leave by yourself after get off work today. I will see you off.”


Ye Zhiwei blinked.

How should she tell Wei Cong that if he sent her… she would be safe, but he would be in danger!


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