A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu Chapter 5978: I prefer to hear you call (1)


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Chapter 5978 I prefer to hear you call (1)

Su Yinuo wanted to use this method to make his relationship with Ye Zhiwei public.

Before, he just wanted to let their families know that they were in love as soon as possible.

But now, he wants the world to know.

It would be best for the world to know how much he likes Ye Zhiwei.

Ye Zhiwei was a little surprised. He put his hand on Su Yinuo’s chest and raised his head to look at him.

She has had no interest in social situations since she was a child.

So, her parents would only take her to private gatherings of close relatives and friends, such as Yu Heng and Yan Ci’s full moon banquet.

Now, she still has no interest in socializing.

But if she is accompanying brother Yinuo to necessary social occasions as a girlfriend, she is willing to give it a try, provided that——

“Wait until we confess our relationship to our families!”

“Let them see us together from the gossip news first… I can’t imagine their reaction.”

Some people must be surprised and some are crazy.

There are still people – such as Lu Xiyu – who will not react.

Su Yinuo thought for a while and did not tell Ye Zhiwei: Lu Xiyu already knew about them.

Otherwise, until they make it public, the little girl will probably be embarrassed to go to Dingya Villa.

“Okay.” Su Yinuo said softly, “Let’s let our family know about our relationship first.”

Ye Zhi asked with a smile: “Brother Yinuo, why did you suddenly have this idea?”

Su Yinuo hugged her and sat up, “I met Qiu Yixia last night – she seemed to still want to fight for it, and even wanted to gain a sense of presence in front of Xi Yu.”

Ye Zhiwei was not surprised at all, “What happens next?”

Su Yinuo touched the little girl’s face and said, “Then—Xi Yu didn’t show her any kindness at all.”

Ye Zhiwei has heard a lot about Lu Xiyu’s style.

But after getting in touch with him, she felt that Lu Xiyu was quite a gentleman.

No matter how merciless he is to the senior sister, he will not embarrass the senior sister…right?

“Do you think Xi Yu is a gentleman?” Su Yinuo smiled, “That’s because he likes you. Let’s put it this way – Qiu Yixia last night didn’t think Xi Yu was a gentleman, she only thought he was better than the rumors Even more ruthless.”

Ye Zhiwei pursed his lips, secretly happy in his heart.

She has never been able to hide things, and joy quickly appeared on her face, making her whole person look bright and sunny.

She grabbed the clothes on Su Yinuo’s chest, “What about you? What’s your attitude towards senior sister – that’s what I care about.”

“Me? I have no attitude towards her.” Su Yinuo looked deeply at Ye Zhiwei, “When the charity auction was going on, I was thinking the whole time: Will my kitten be impatient? So? , I didn’t attend the dinner and came back directly.”

The implication was that he ignored Qiu Yixia at all.

Not only that, Lu Xiyu also blocked Qiu Yixia for him.

Ye Zhiwei was not very surprised by Su Yinuo’s attitude. What really surprised her was that she had already been recognized by brother Xi Yu.

Brother Yinuo’s family will probably be very happy when they find out that they are in a relationship, right?

Ye Zhiwei happily hugged Su Yinuo, “I’m not waiting to be anxious, I’m just waiting to be sleepy.”

Su Yinuo couldn’t help but wonder, “You know that Qiu Yixia and I will meet, and you can still sleep?”

Ye Zhiwei rubbed against his chest, “I am the only red panda that can meow like a cat for you! I don’t think… you will be interested in others.” After that, She felt embarrassed herself, burying her face in Su Yinuo’s arms and snickering.

Su Yinuo was also amused by her and whispered in her ear: “Scream again, okay?”

“No!” Ye Zhiwei didn’t have the nerve to shout again, “I did it to get you back early…and now you’re back!”

The kitten kept squatting on the carpet and meowed at the right time.

Ye Zhiwei revealed one eye to look at the cat – could this little thing understand their conversation?

Su Yinuo said in Ye Zhiwei’s ear again: “I still like to hear you meow like a cat.”

Ye Zhiwei raised his face, wanting to respond to Su Yinuo.

However, in Su Yinuo’s view, her action was equivalent to bringing her lips in front of him, so he kissed her without hesitation.

This kiss is long and tender…

When she regained her freedom, Ye Zhiwei had a vague feeling: she and brother Yinuo seemed to have been in love for a long time, and she had lived here for a long time.

Of course this is not the case.

She had these feelings because Su Yinuo gave her a sense of security and happiness.

On a whim, she leaned close to Su Yinuo’s ear, and let out a gentle “meow” like a coquettish kitten.

Su Yinuo’s heart moved and he wanted to kiss her again.

She really acted coquettishly this time: “Brother Yinuo, it will swell if you kiss me again. I have to go to work.”

Su Yinuo laughed helplessly, hugged her, and quietly enjoyed this bright and soft morning.

At the same time, Dingya Villa.

When Lu Xiyu got home last night, Huang Fuya was already asleep.

He finally realized how uncomfortable it was to have to hold back a major secret while discovering it.

He could only tell Fu Ya about this matter.

After all, he promised not to talk nonsense when he got home.

Telling your wife is definitely not nonsense – a man who keeps secrets from his wife is not a good husband.

Adhering to this principle, as soon as Huang Fuya opened her eyes this morning, Lu Xiyu directly told her that Su Yinuo and the red panda were in a relationship, and they had started dating a long time ago, and their family members were kept in the dark. .

When Huang Fuya woke up, she felt like vomiting, but she immediately forgot about nausea and blurted out: “What?”

Lu Xiyu repeated it before Huang Fuya dared to believe what she heard.

She had suspected over the weekend that there was something going on between Yinuo and Weiwei, and what Yuheng said was true.

Turns out her suspicion was right!

In an instant, the couple appeared in the children’s room.

Yuheng just woke up, and as soon as he opened his eyes, he was asked how Uncle Yinuo said he missed his sister Weiwei that day.

Yu Heng had almost forgotten this incident.

He thought for a moment before his brain turned on, and then he imitated Su Yinuo’s behavior that day and said in a low and serious voice: “Wei Wei, I miss you very much.”

Lu Xiyu and Huang Fuya looked at each other——

Su Yinuo is a cold and coquettish guy!

He took advantage of the fact that no adults were around to bully the three little guys into not understanding, so he told Weiwei.

Huang Fuya felt sorry for her son, hugged Yuheng and said, “I’m sorry Yuheng, my mother should have believed you that day, I’m sorry.”

Lu Xiyu knew that Huang Fuya could not be blamed.

Su Yinuo usually looks like a flower on the mountain, but when he comes back from a business trip, he is serious and humane. Who would have thought that he would express his longing for a little girl in front of three little guys? ?

This is not something that the Flower of the High Mountain can do!

Yuheng was heartless and never blamed his mother at all.

At this moment, he leaned sleepily in his mother’s arms: “Mom, can I not go to school today? I still want to sleep…”

Huang Fuya’s guilt and motherly love stopped abruptly, and she said decisively: “No, let dad take you to brush your teeth…”

Yu Heng said aggrievedly while reaching out to Lu Xiyu…


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