A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu Chapter 5977: They are closer again!


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Chapter 5977 They are closer again!

The lights are on in the living room, and pop music is playing from expensive speakers.

This is music that Ye Zhiwei listens to.

It means she is still at his house.

However, she did not respond to him.

Su Yinuo took off his coat and walked to the living room.

At first glance, Ye Zhiwei was lying on the sofa.

Maybe she was too tired during this period, or maybe she had waited too long tonight, and she had fallen asleep.

The sofa is large enough, and her figure is relatively slender. Lying on it, she looks like a small one.

Because she was lying on her side, half of her face was resting on her arm, and her facial features were somewhat squeezed, but she still looked small, three-dimensional, and delicate.

Her long black hair was spread out on the sofa, as soft and soft as her sleeping face.

The kitten was lying in her arms, being held by her with her other hand. Even with its eyes closed, it could be seen that it had a happy expression on its face.

Su Yinuo can wake up Ye Zhiwei.

But he admitted that he was a little greedy at the moment and wanted to just look at her quietly for a while, but found that he couldn’t get enough of her.

Then I couldn’t help but think that I could let her sleep here for one night.

Anyway…she will have to adapt to this place sooner or later.

Su Yinuo took the cat down first.

The kitten woke up all of a sudden. He signaled it to be quiet, and the kitten jumped off his hand obediently and lay on the carpet looking at him.

Then, he gently picked up Ye Zhiwei and walked to the master bedroom out of habit.

When Ye Zhiwei was put on the bed, she hummed twice in her sleep, but in the blink of an eye she curled up into a ball with the quilt in her arms and fell into a deep sleep, unable to extricate herself.

Su Yinuo looked at her, and there was a tenderness in his voice that he couldn’t detect, “Weiwei.”

Ye Zhiwei naturally did not react.

Su Yinuo touched her face and said, “I called you… Since you can’t get up, I will give you my room.”

He took a shower, and when he came out, Ye Zhiwei showed no intention of waking up and seemed to be sleeping even deeper.

She clearly knew that Qiu Yixia was also participating in the charity auction, but she was not worried at all and could still sleep so deeply…

Fortunately, he did not betray her trust.

He will not betray her trust!

“Good night, red panda.” Su Yinuo gently kissed Ye Zhiwei’s cheek and then left the room.

It was then that I realized that the kitten was at the door of the room. It looked like it would go in to find Ye Zhiwei and jump into her arms in any minute.

Su Yinuo closed the door, picked up the kitten, and said, “Don’t go in and disturb sister.”

The kitten let out a “meow” and lay obediently in Su Yinuo’s arms.

Su Yinuo dealt with some work matters and thought about it and chose to sleep on the sofa.

If Ye Zhiwei wakes up in the middle of the night, he will be able to see him as soon as he comes out, so he won’t be too scared.

What he didn’t expect was that Ye Zhiwei would sleep particularly peacefully with him and sleep until dawn the next day.

Before Ye Zhiwei woke up, he smelled a familiar fragrance.

Although her brain hadn’t turned on yet, she knew it was the smell of brother Yinuo.

Brother Yinuo…

Huh? etc!

Ye Zhi opened her eyes slightly and recognized at first glance that this was not her room, and the next second she sat up on the spot——

This is brother Yinuo’s room!

How did she sleep here?

Next, Ye Zhiwei opened the quilt and checked the clothes on her body… they were neat and without any abnormalities.

At this point, Ye Zhiwei was completely awake and amused by herself.

The last step is not necessary at all!

How could a person who didn’t even dare to kiss her for fear of scaring her when they first started dating do anything to her while she was sleeping?

What she is curious about now is, where does he sleep?

Ye Zhiwei walked out of the room wearing a blanket and saw Su Yinuo sleeping on the sofa, with the kitten lying on his lap, also asleep.

This scene inexplicably made her heart soften.

She walked to the sofa, wrapped herself in a blanket and sat on the carpet, looking at Su Yinuo.

He is really good-looking. Under the early winter morning light, the slightly cold air matches his slightly indifferent face perfectly.

Ye Zhiwei held his face and kissed his lips.

She just wanted a kiss, and a very light kiss.

It should not be discovered!

However, as soon as she touched Su Yinuo’s lips, he opened his eyes.

The next second, he put his hands around her waist, easily carried her to the sofa, and then gently pressed her with half of his body.

Close enough, ambiguous enough…but it will only make her blush and her heart beat, but it won’t scare her.

Ye Zhiwei stared at Anjing Su, looking at Su Yinuo, and after a while he said: “Good morning, brother Yinuo.”

Su Yinuo’s elegant and lazy voice sounded extremely magnetic, “Classmate Red Panda, how did you sleep last night?”

Ye Zhiwei thought of waking up in his bed. She first avoided his eyes in embarrassment, and then stared at him: “When did you come back? Why didn’t you wake me up?”

“I called.” Su Yinuo said with a serious look, “It’s because you didn’t wake up.”

Ye Zhiwei was dubious, “Really?”

“The kitten can help me testify.” Su Yinuo said, “It has seen everything.”

Ye Zhiwei poked Su Yinuo’s chest, “The kitten can’t talk.”

Su Yinuo’s hand caressed Ye Zhiwei’s face.

Her milk muscles are as delicate as a baby’s.

In addition, she had just woken up, and she looked even fairer than usual, with bright eyes. She looked like a harmless little girl.

But more charming than anything else in the world.

Su Yinuo’s thumb stayed at the corner of her lips and kissed her lips…

Ye Zhi was slightly startled, thankful that she came after washing up last night.

Otherwise now…she wouldn’t even dare to think about it!

This kiss did not last long.

But Su Yinuo did not let go of Ye Zhiwei, but hugged her and lay on the sofa.

Ye Zhiwei’s shawl had already slipped off, and her whole body was wrapped in Su Yinuo’s quilt and trapped in his arms.

The body temperature of two people is passed to each other under the quilt.

It was only then that Ye Zhiwei realized that her relationship with Su Yinuo had unknowingly become a little closer.

They broke through…seems a little fast.

However, she was obsessed with his body temperature and could not push him away. She could only stay in his arms obediently and reminded: “Brother Yinuo, you haven’t answered me yet, when did you come back last night? ”

Su Yinuo held her as contentedly as he held the whole world, “It’s past ten o’clock, a bit late.”

“It’s past ten o’clock.” Ye Zhiwei put her hand on Su Yinuo’s chest and raised her eyes to look at him, “While I was waiting for you, I kept thinking about when you would come back…”

She is not acting coquettishly.

But that look made Su Yinuo feel soft.

Su Yinuo gently stroked her face, “Next time, I’ll take you with me.”

He didn’t make a meaningless apology, nor did he promise to come back early next time. Instead, he said he would take Ye Zhiwei with him next time.

Su Yinuo has often attended such occasions in recent years.

But he has never had a female companion by his side.

He wants Ye Zhiwei to be his first female companion!


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