A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu Chapter 5976: Weiwei, I’m back


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Chapter 5976 Weiwei, I’m back

The more Qiu Yixia thinks about it, the more solemn her expression becomes…

This plan is very important to her.

Su Yinuo likes Ye Zhiwei and obviously does not intend to give her any more opportunities.

There is not much she can do.

Getting the approval of Su Yinuo’s family is her final strategy.

Family is very important to Su Yinuo – she knew it when they were dating.

At that time, she didn’t know that his family members were at the top of the pyramid like Su Yicheng and Lu Boyan.

Now, with the approval of these people, she can hope to change Su Yinuo’s mind.

Today, she will start with Lu Xiyu!

As for Ye Zhiwei…

She just fought for what she wanted and did not hurt Ye Zhiwei, so there was no need to consider her.

She has long said that they each rely on their own abilities.

If Ye Zhiwei doesn’t exert her strength, don’t blame her for trying her best.

The charity auction is coming to an end and the dinner party is already being prepared.

Qiu Yixia left early to change clothes.

After the auction, what Su Yinuo and Lu Xiyu saw was the **** and beautiful Qiu Yixia in a red dress.

Lu Xiyu teased Su Yinuo: “Little Mr. Su, this is for you.”

Su Yinuo’s heart and mind were filled with Ye Zhiwei.

Cats are creatures with limited patience.

I wonder if his kitten is impatient.

Thinking about this, Su Yinuo reacted very lightly when he heard Lu Xiyu’s teasing: “Don’t make such a boring joke.”

When Qiu Yixia walked up to them, he showed no reaction at all.

Lu Xiyu was also in a hurry to go home, so he simply took care of it for him: “Lawyer Qiu, we are ready to leave. Nice to see you tonight, goodbye.”

The last two and a half sentences, when heard together, are more or less ironic.

Although Qiu Yixia was disappointed, she tried her best to maintain a generous smile and confirmed: “Mr. Xiao Lu, are you leaving so soon?”

“Yes.” According to Lu Xiyu’s character, he would not explain anything to someone he had only met twice, so he just added: “Yinuo is not interested in the dinner. My wife is waiting for my return.” Home.”

The implication: Su Yinuo is not interested in her.

Qiu Yixia understood, but her reaction was very elegant and appropriate: “Then you two go slowly, see you next time.” After saying that, she held up her skirt and walked towards the banquet hall.

When Su Yinuo met Lu Xi, their status was indeed noble.

But they are not the only ones with front row VIP seats!

To put it bluntly, she doesn’t have to just stare at them.

The world is vast and there are many outstanding human beings!

“You’re welcome.” Lu Xiyu said to Su Yinuo and motioned for Su Yinuo to follow him.

There were many media at the entrance of the hall, but both of them were eager to return home, so they simply said hello to the media and did not accept interviews.

Unexpectedly, Cheng Yaojin would come out of the parking lot.

Just as Lu Xiyu was about to get in the car, a young girl wearing a low-cut skirt stumbled over, saying that she had sprained her ankle, and asked Lu Xiyu if he could give her a ride.

The purpose of a young girl is all written on her face.

Lu Xiyu frowned and avoided the girl lightly, not letting her fall into his arms.

In the past few years, this has happened occasionally, but most people have been beating around the bush. In the end, they won’t move him, or they will leave on their own.

This is the first time he has seen someone so directly naked.

“Get out!” Lu Xiyu looked like he was in a bad mood – he never showed mercy to these people.

“Mr. Xiao Lu,” the girl said delicately, “I just want to…”

Lu Xiyu didn’t have the patience to listen to a word and interrupted the girl: “I think you want to die.”

The girl turned pale with fright, covered her chest and ran away.

Su Yinuo looked like he was gloating, “I will tell Fuya, except for her, when you look at all the women who approach you, you think they want to die.”

Lu Xiyu opened Su Yinuo’s car door and got in directly.

Su Yinuo then got in the car and asked in confusion: “Aren’t you going home?”

“I’m not in a hurry to go home.” Lu Xiyu said slowly and leisurely, “Mr. Su, let’s chat on the way.”

Su Yinuo told the driver to drive, “I have nothing to say.”

Lu Xiyu hit the nail on the head, “If Uncle Ye was looking for you, would you say the same thing?”

Of course not!

Unless he is like the women in Lu Xiyu’s eyes – he wants to die.

Su Yinuo stared at Lu Xiyu, “Uncle Ye, I’m thinking of a way.”

His eyes were warning, his expression was quite calm, and he looked quite aura.

But his slightly solemn tone betrayed the fact that he was facing difficulties.

Lu Xiyu looked at Su Yinuo and couldn’t help but laughed.

The flower of Gaoling was dragged down from the mortal world by a little girl, and she even had to face the most mundane problem – how to get her future father-in-law.

Very funny!

However, from Su Yinuo’s attitude, we knew that he was serious.

People who take relationships seriously should not be laughed at.

Lu Xiyu didn’t laugh too loudly and patted Su Yinuo on the shoulder, “If you need help, just ask.”

Su Yinuo snorted, “You underestimate me!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the car arrived at the gate of the community.

Lu Xiyu pretended to follow Su Yinuo out of the car and said, “I’ll go up to your place and take a shower.”

The girl who bumped into him just now left the smell of perfume on him.

He didn’t want Fu Ya to smell it.

It’s not that she thinks too much, but she feels nauseated.

Su Yinuo thought of something and held Lu Xiyu down to prevent him from getting out of the car. “Just open the window on your way back.”


Lu Xiyu wanted to complain about Su Yinuo, but why did he become stingy when they were in love? He didn’t even let him take a shower on the way?

As soon as he opened his mouth, he realized something. He narrowed his peach blossom eyes and smiled from the corners of his lips, “Su Yinuo, you’re doing well. If Uncle Ye knew about it – I’m very curious about how he would screw it up.” If you break your hand, you will still break your leg.”

Su Yinuo glared at Lu Xiyu, “Stop your dirty thoughts, she is just waiting for me to come home!”

He was protecting Ye Zhiwei.

Lu Xiyu can be sure that if he dares to make fun of Ye Zhiwei, Su Yinuo will definitely take action.

Of course, he won’t be that bad.

He just smiled and exposed Su Yinuo: “You have kidnapped the little girl to your home. I don’t believe how pure and clean your thoughts can be!”

“…” Su Yinuo had no way to refute and could only warn: “When you get home, keep your mouth shut!”

Lu Xiyu agreed, “For the sake of the red panda.”

Su Yinuo doesn’t care who he cares about, as long as he can stabilize the situation temporarily.

He told Lu Xiyu to do what he wanted, then ignored him and entered the community on his own.

Lu Xiyu watched as he walked quickly and disappeared from sight.

After coming back to his senses, Lu Xiyu couldn’t help but raise the corners of his lips, got out of the car and changed into his own car, blowing in the wind all the way back to Dingya Villa.

Su Yinuo quickly walked out of the elevator.

Thinking of Ye Zhiwei waiting for him at home, infinite satisfaction and tenderness surged up in his heart involuntarily.

He opened the door and said softly: “Weiwei, I’m back.”


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