A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu Chapter 5938: I like it and will do more in the future! (2)


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Chapter 5938 I like it, I will do more in the future! (2)

Ye Zhiwei’s voice is like a kitten.

It’s like gently scratching Su Yinuo’s heart…

Su Yinuo did not let go of her and answered her questions one by one:

“Wei Wei, on the contrary, I’m not nervous at all. No matter what, I confess our relationship to your sister.”

“Anyway, if your sister comes down now… she will definitely suspect that we have done something bad.”

Can’t play it!

Ye Zhiwei realized it.

After all, he has eaten for several more years than she has.

He even had one more love affair than her!

Ye Zhiwei pursed his lips and said, “It’s your fault!”

Su Yinuo smiled helplessly, “Wei Wei, you were the one who did the bad thing just now.”

“…” Ye Zhiwei regretted it – if she had known this, she shouldn’t have been so impulsive just now!

Su Yinuo came close to her ear and continued softly: “But, I like it very much. Do more in the future, huh?”

Ye Zhiwei suddenly felt itchy from his ears to his neck, “Let’s discuss it later!”

She is shy and serious, not to mention how cute she is.

Su Yinuo wanted to continue teasing her, but was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to bear it.

So, let’s discuss it again.

Anyway, the opportunity is in his hands.

Ye Zhiwei hurriedly changed the topic: “I think it’s best not to let my sister know first, otherwise my father will know too! Besides, I always feel…my sister has already suspected it.”

Now that she noticed it, Su Yinuo simply told her the truth: “Your sister is probably just suspicious of you, I haven’t revealed the secret yet… If you don’t believe it, ask your sister?”

No need to ask.

Ye Zhiwei believed in his judgment.

So…her sister has begun to doubt her!

Ye Zhiwei quickly analyzed the reason: “My sister knows me too well, but she is not familiar with you yet – this must be the reason!”

“Yeah!” Su Yinuo nodded in agreement, “It must not be because we red pandas are stupid.”

Ye Zhiwei gently touched Su Yinuo’s forehead with her forehead, “Yes, I’m not stupid!”

Su Yinuo laughed, held the back of her head, and looked at her deeply: “Wei Wei, I’m not afraid that your sister will know, we can ask her to keep it a secret. Your sister’s impression of me…should be different from Uncle Ye’s. Just the same, she will agree to my request.”

Ye Zhiwei agreed with his statement.

After all, he saved brother Fei Chi, and both his sister and Uncle Ji seemed to appreciate him.

He asked his sister to help cover up, and she would not refuse.

But, it’s not necessary!

They can obviously hide it from anyone, so why bother?

He just doesn’t want to let go of her, right?

Ye Zhiwei exposed Su Yinuo and finally said: “Brother Yinuo, you can let go of me. It’s still too late before my sister comes down!”

“Your sister hasn’t come down yet, and I still have time to teach you -” Su Yinuo didn’t let go, and said word by word, “What is the real bad thing?”

With just a brief kiss, Ye Zhiwei concluded that they had done something bad.

The real bad thing is naturally a much more intense kiss than a quick kiss…

Ye Zhiwei subconsciously looked at the hotel door——

Just let her sister see them cuddling and she confesses that they are in love.

But if her sister sees them kissing…she will be judged by her sister all night long!

“No!” Ye Zhiwei refused softly, “Brother Yinuo, you can’t do it now.”

Su Yinuo pressed her head into his arms, “Then don’t make any noise and let me hug you.”

This Ye Zhiwei did not refuse, and even gently wrapped his arms around Su Yinuo’s waist.

After a while, she tickled Su Yinuo, “Why are you scaring me?”

She realized now that Su Yinuo was just scaring her.

Su Yinuo just said: “Don’t make a sound.”

Ye Zhiwei said “Oh” and became quiet.

Oddly enough, embracing each other quietly like this, she actually experienced the happiness of falling in love.

Then, suddenly thinking of something, she buried her face in Su Yinuo’s arms and laughed out loud.

Su Yinuo was heartbroken by her laughter, “What are you laughing at?”

“You asked Brother Fei Chi to call you ‘Brother’, but after we made our relationship public, you became Brother Fei Chi’s brother-in-law. Not only would he not call you ‘Brother’, he would also ask you in return… ”

Ye Zhiwei’s voice stopped suddenly.

The term “brother-in-law” seems too sudden.

She raised her head – and sure enough, brother Yinuo looked at her differently, as if he was startled by her.

Will he let go of her?

Su Yinuo did not let go of Ye Zhiwei.

His deep eyes revealed a smile: “Why don’t you continue? In the future… of course I will call your family the same as you. Your parents will become my parents, and your brother will also become Be my brother.”

Ye Zhiwei felt it for the first time,

She was surrounded by the intense love of a member of the opposite sex.

They started to fall in love, and Su Yinuo said that he wanted to love her forever.

At this moment, Ye Zhiwei finally understood the weight of these words and Su Yinuo’s thoughts, and hugged him tightly.

Su Yinuo touched the back of the little girl’s head and couldn’t help but raise the corners of her lips.

How could he be unhappy?

The little girl who had never even thought about the future now seems to have acquiesced that they will become a family in the future.

After a moment, Ye Zhiwei raised his head and said solemnly: “Brother Yinuo, I have something to ask you, related to your first relationship – this should be what I asked, and you and The last question between seniors. ”

She was a little serious, and Su Yinuo also became serious. He let go of her and prepared to answer the question seriously.

“You’re dating a senior,” Ye Zhiwei waited for a while before summoning the courage to ask, “Is it the same from the beginning, and you want to spend the rest of your life?”

“No.” After Su Yinuo broke up, although he never thought about Qiu Yixia again, he was hit after all, so he reviewed his first relationship and answered eloquently:

“When we started dating, she was someone I admired, so I felt good.

“It didn’t take long before we started to argue. I found that our concepts in some aspects were completely inconsistent… My first reaction was not to break up, but to get along and find a balance. The elders in my family, they are together. I have gone through a lot before, and under their influence, I will not give up on a relationship easily.

“Later I found out that we were really not suitable for each other. I even gave her a jade bracelet passed down from my grandmother to show that I wanted to stay with her. It wasn’t until she questioned that I didn’t like her enough that I realized that my persistence had no effect. meaning.

“Weiwei, when I started dating her, I did run for my whole life, but I didn’t have the obsession to be with her for the rest of my life. But for you – Weiwei, I have this obsession for you.”

This is the first time Ye Zhiwei is curious about whether Su Yinuo treats her differently from Qiu Yixia.

It was also the last time she was curious.

From now on, she will only focus on feeling Su Yinuo’s love!

A bright smile filled her eyebrows, “Brother Yinuo, do you like me so much?”

“Uh-huh.” Su Yinuo touched the little girl’s head, “Maybe it’s because I can never find another red panda that will do bad things to me…”


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