A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu Chapter 5937: I like it and will do more in the future! (1)


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Chapter 5937 I like it, I will do more in the future! (1)

The feeling of taking care of their little cotton-padded jacket,

This also prevents Su Yinuo from mistakenly thinking that he can handle the little cotton-padded jacket at will.

Ye Zhiwei has never been in love, but Ye Caiwei understands her character.

She is not the kind of person who puts herself very low when she likes someone.

Her core is herself!

So Ye Caiwei hopes that it is best for Su Yinuo to discover Weiwei’s difference first, and to know how to appreciate Weiwei, and finally fall in love with Weiwei.

Once you get their little cotton-padded jacket, you will definitely be unable to extricate yourself!

The flower of the high mountain sinks inextricably, and the cold and distant young master falls in love with the little girl who is inexperienced in the world…

Ye Caiwei felt very happy just by thinking about this plot.

The starring role is Su Yinuo, so that would be even better!

Ye Caiwei still doesn’t know that the plot she imagined is currently being played out.

And her little cotton-padded jacket was almost panicking to death because of her guilty conscience, fearing that if she or Su Yinuo were not careful, their relationship would be revealed.

When they arrived at the restaurant, Ye Zhiwei stayed with her sister the whole time.

Towards Su Yinuo, she was polite and courteous, as if although she was familiar with Su Yinuo, she was not used to being close to him.

She thought that this would protect her relationship with Su Yinuo from being seen.

Ye Caiwei really found no clues.

But mostly it was because she wasn’t testing anymore.

During the meal, Su Yinuo took care of the two girls in a gentlemanly manner. He was considerate but not overly intimate, and just made people fully feel his demeanor and upbringing.

The most important thing is that he does not favor one over the other.

It was as if the two girls were regarded as younger sisters by him.

Ye Caiwei couldn’t tell what he thought about Weiwei.

However, she is not in a hurry!

It was a pleasant meal.

After the meal, the waiter brought the bill, and Su Yinuo wanted to pay the bill.

Ye Caiwei stopped him and said, “Mr. Su, a meal is certainly not enough to express my gratitude to you, but let me express my gratitude to you with a meal first!”

After a pause, he continued: “Next, our family Weiwei will have to trouble you to take care of us. You should not be asked to pay for this meal.”

Ye Zhiwei agreed with her sister’s statement, so she said: “Brother Yinuo, listen to my sister.”

Su Yinuo let go of the bill and said, “Ms. Ye, you’re welcome.”

Ye Zhiwei jumped up and followed her sister to pay the bill.

While waiting for the invoice to be issued, Ye Caiwei said meaningfully: “Wei Wei, it seems that your words are more effective for Xiao Su.”

With experience in the ward, Ye Zhiwei predicted: Sister is trying to tease her!

Well…don’t even think about it!

Ye Zhiwei has read the reply: “Then I will talk more in the future! Sister, if you need help from Brother Yinuo in the future, I am willing to help you speak!”

Ye Caiwei took the invoice and rubbed her sister’s face, “You’re a ghost!”

Ye Zhiwei smiled, cheerful alone.

Su Yinuo has already driven the car to the entrance of the restaurant. Ye Caiwei said: “I have to go back to the hotel to get something. Mr. Su, please take a detour.”

At the entrance of the hotel, Su Yinuo parked the car in the temporary parking area.

Ye Zhiwei wanted to go up and help her sister clean up, but as soon as she unbuckled her seat belt, Ye Caiwei got out of the car and closed the door.

She was speechless for a while while looking at her sister’s graceful and elegant back.

Just when she was speechless, a figure enveloped her——

Su Yinuo!

He had long legs, so he stretched out his legs, crossed from the front seat to the back seat, and sat down directly next to Ye Zhiwei.

Ye Zhiwei opened her mouth, “My sister hasn’t entered the hotel yet, what should I do if she sees her?”

Su Yinuo did not answer but asked: “What do you think should be done?”

Want to trick her into answering and test her attitude?

Well… there is no door!

Ye Zhiwei looked serious, “I only know that my sister will treat you as that kind of fanatic!”

Crazy guys…

They are not acting in a costume drama.

Su Yinuo deliberately got closer to Ye Zhiwei, “Don’t worry, you can’t see the inside from the outside.”

Ye Zhiwei blinked, his anxious heart settled, and he also deliberately teased Su Yinuo: “You said it as if we were going to do something bad…”

Su Yinuo raised his eyebrows slightly, “We didn’t do anything bad?”

Ye Zhiwei looked righteous and awe-inspiring, “I definitely didn’t have it anyway!”

“Yes.” Su Yinuo smiled and nodded, “We didn’t do anything bad, we just fell in love secretly.”

After a pause, he changed the subject: “No, we are now – secretly falling in love under your sister’s nose.”

At this moment, her sister is in the room upstairs. They are right under her sister’s nose!

Following Su Yinuo’s train of thought, Ye Zhiwei’s heart began to beat wildly.

I don’t know when her sister will come down… It is very likely that the next second, her sister will open the car door and see them looking like this!

Ye Zhiwei thought, his eyes unconsciously filled with moisture, looking soft and very lovable.

Su Yinuo gently held her face, “What? Are we red pandas… nervous?”

More than just nervousness? Her heart is about to burst out!

Ye Zhiwei looked at the smile on Su Yinuojun’s face and suddenly understood: This is the effect he wanted!

He deliberately played tricks on her!

Who knows how to do evil?

Ye Zhiwei obediently let Su Yinuo hold her face, while her misty eyes slowly moved over Su Yinuo’s handsome eyebrows, high bridge of nose, and finally stared at his lips… …

His lips are thin, so he usually looks cold and cold.

But his lip shape is very beautiful, so it looks very attractive when you look closely!

Ye Zhiwei said softly, as if his heart was moved.

This development deviated from Su Yinuo’s preset trajectory.

Su Yinuo’s Adam’s apple rolled slightly, “Weiwei…”

“Don’t talk.” Ye Zhiwei approached Su Yinuo easily, kissed his chin like a dragonfly, and finally looked up at him: “Brother Yinuo, are we doing something bad like this?… Eh? Are we, Brother Yinuo, nervous too?”

Su Yinuo was not nervous, but his whole person – his soul and every blood vessel in his body were tense.

He was really looking forward to Ye Zhiwei kissing his lips, but the moment her kiss landed on his chin… he was severely aroused!

His breathing became faster, and a fire seemed to condense in his eyes.

Ye Zhiwei was very close to him, and naturally noticed his changes, but was not afraid at all. He asked slowly: “My sister may be coming down soon… Brother Yinuo, do you want to sit back?”

Su Yinuo grabbed Ye Zhiwei’s waist with both hands.

Before she could react, Ye Zhiwei was dragged into his arms – sitting on his lap.

They had hugged before, and Ye Zhiwei had even kissed her just now.

But they have never been so ambiguous!

Especially at this moment, Ye Zhiwei could clearly feel Su Yinuo’s burning body temperature…

Her hands hung by her sides, her face full of confusion, and she subconsciously whispered Su Yinuo’s name: “Brother Yinuo…”


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