A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu Chapter 5447: Lu Xiyu will only force her (2)


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Chapter 5447 Lu Xiyu will only force her (2)

Yao Yuan truly regards her as his sister.

Where is Lu Xiyu?

Every time he says “sister”, there is something indescribable…

He regards her as his sister, all because of love!

The more Huang Fuya thought about it, the angrier she became and she wanted to pull her hand back.

The key to this guy is that she will let him succeed every time!

Of course Lu Xiyu wouldn’t give in and held her tightly.

At the same time, he told her with his eyes——

He won’t let go.

In the future, neither will.

Huang Fuya gritted her teeth gently and answered his question: “A very simple sister!”

Lu Xiyu looked quite satisfied, “That’s good.”

Huang Fuya couldn’t help laughing at him, “Can Yao Yuan even make you jealous?”

Lu Xiyu suddenly became very good-tempered and chuckled: “You are scolding him. Also, shouldn’t you be happy that I’m jealous?”

Huang Fuya cursed: Happy with your head!

The two people walked through the nurse’s station and walked to Yao Yuan.

Yao Yuan stood alone, they were side by side.

The situation between Lu Xiyu and Yao Yuan suddenly became obvious.

Lu Xiyu then let go of Huang Fuya and stretched out his hand towards Yao Yuan, “Hello, I am Lu Xiyu.”

His aura is not generally strong, and his eyes are full of oppression. Yao Yuan is quite stressed.

But just now, Yao Yuan had already figured it out – only when meeting someone like Lu Xi could Huang Fuya be moved.

To them, Huang Fuya will always be a sacred and inviolable existence.

Besides, he just wants to cure grandma’s disease now.

Love and love must come second to grandma’s life.

Yao Yuan smiled, shook Lu Xiyu’s hand, “Hello, I am Yao Yuan.”

“Yao Yuan, Lu…Xiyu is here to help us.” Huang Fuya explained Lu Xiyu’s appearance, “He went with us to see grandma’s surgeon.”

“Really?” Yao Yuan looked surprised, “Sister, I thought he was your boyfriend.”


Sooner or later it will be a boyfriend!

Lu Xiyu will definitely give one of these two answers.

Huang Fuya spoke before him, “Yao Yuan, what time is it, and you are still joking!”

Yao Yuan smiled apologetically at Lu Xiyu and said seriously: “Sister, haven’t you already said hello to Dr. Liu? Do we still need to trouble Mr. Lu…?”

Lu Xiyu is also a man, so he naturally understands that Yao Yuan’s “joke” just now was telling him that he has no intention of competing with Huang Fuya.

His attitude towards Yao Yuan was naturally much softer, “Yao Yuan, just call me by my name.”

Huang Fuya then said: “In order to ensure that Dr. Liu will be the surgeon during the operation, we’d better trouble Xiyu.”

“Then…Xi Yu, please trouble you!” Yao Yuan held Lu Xiyu’s hands, with only eagerness in his eyes.

Lu Xiyu nodded slightly, “Come to Dr. Liu’s office with me.”

Yao Yuan told his grandma and left with Lu Xiyu.

The director has also arrived at Dr. Liu’s office.

When they saw Lu Xiyu, the dean and Dr. Liu were very polite.

Lu Xiyu had no airs and only said that Yao Yuan was his friend and Grandma Yao was an old man he respected very much. He hoped that the old man’s operation could be carried out safely.

Dr. Liu took over and said: “Mr. Xiao Lu, I will be the one to perform the operation on the old man, and the dean will also personally monitor it. We will do our best to ensure that Grandma Yao’s operation is completed smoothly.”

Lu Xiyu turned to Yao Yuan and said, “Grandma’s surgery will go smoothly. You don’t have to worry too much.”

Dr. Liu echoed: “Yes, Mr. Yao, don’t worry too much, we will do our best.”

Yao Yuan no longer understands the world, and he also knows that Lu Xiyu is reminding the doctor that he is the family member, and he mainly communicates with him about grandma’s condition.

He was quite surprised. He thanked the doctor first, and then thanked Lu Xiyu on the way back to the ward.

Lu Xiyu just said: “If you are Fu Ya’s friend, you are my friend.”

These words have profound meaning if you look closely.

Yao Yuan glanced at Huang Fuya and smiled ambiguously.

Huang Fuya knew that Yao Yuan must have been impressed by Lu Xiyu.

At this moment, Lu Xiyu’s cell phone rang, and he said, “I’ll call you back.”

Huang Fuya also received the news, grabbed Yao Yuan and said, “I asked someone to send something over. You and I can go to the hospital entrance to get it.”

She said to Lu Xiyu again: “We will meet at the door of Grandma Yao’s ward later.”

Lu Xiyu said “hmm” and walked to a quiet place to make a phone call.

On the other side, Yao Yuan asked as soon as he entered the elevator: “Sister, it was because of him that you came to our place before, right? What is your situation now? Have you reconciled?”

Huang Fuya signaled Yao Yuan to shut up, “You should be more concerned about grandma’s condition now!”

“I want to care about you too!” Yao Yuan pestered Huang Fuya along the way and asked, “Is it him? Is it him?”

Later, when they got the things and came back, Yao Yuan was still asking.

Huang Fuya was so entangled that she had no choice but to say: “Yes, yes, it’s him! Stop asking! In front of him later, you are not allowed to mention my time at your place!”

After Lu Xiyu made the call, he was about to go back to the ward when he heard Huang Fuya’s words.

He did not call Huang Fuya, but just followed behind them.

Yao Yuan caught a glimpse of Lu Xiyu out of the corner of his eye.

He asked deliberately: “What are you referring to? After all, I am the only one who knows that you are here to heal your emotional wounds! Everyone else thought that you hid with us because you couldn’t bear the shock of your family’s death. Go!”

Huang Fuya knocked Yao Yuan on the head, “You are the only one who knows more!”

“Then how much does he know?” Yao Yuan became smarter now, “He doesn’t know the truth either, you didn’t let me mention it, right?”

Huang Fuya emphasized: “Just remember not to mention it. Children shouldn’t ask too many questions!”

“Okay, I won’t ask anymore!” Yao Yuan said with a smile while carrying his things, “I won’t tell him that you drank and got drunk every day when you came to our place, and you were still hanging out at night! Hey, you know that night , how far did you take me to protect you?”

Huang Fuya looked disbelieving, “Did I take a detour?”

Yao Yuan simply imitated the way Huang Fuya staggered around at that time, “At that time, you pointed to the left and said that you should go left, but your body was leaning to the right like a convulsion… otherwise you thought it was so short Why are you still wandering outside until early in the morning?”

Huang Fuya picked up Yao Yuan and said, “That’s enough, stop learning!”

Yao Yuan continued: “Also, when he introduced himself just now, I thought his name sounded familiar… I just remembered now that you were chanting his name all the way that night.” This was also his conclusion, Huang Fuya must have lost her love.

Huang Fuya has no memory of these things.

Yao Yuan, a big colander, would definitely not be able to withstand Lu Xiyu’s tricks.

If he told Lu Xiyu all this, how would she lose face?

She pinched Yao Yuan’s ears and said, “You are not allowed to reveal a word to him, remember?”

Yao Yuan knew that Lu Xiyu had been following them.

Why does he need to reveal anything…

Yao Yuan has been with Huang Fuya day and night for three months, and he knows that Huang Fuya is a very alert person.

She never noticed that Lu Xiyu was following them, which only meant that she trusted Lu Xiyu from the bottom of her heart.

It is quite rare for someone like her to have someone she completely trusts.

What’s more, she likes him so much.

Yao Yuan knows what he should do, but he doesn’t intend to do it forcefully.

He looked very obedient and strong, “Sister, I know, I know, let go of me first, otherwise I will not only tell him, I will also tell him loudly and let everyone in the hospital know!”

What a terrifying picture is that?

Huang Fuya simply couldn’t imagine it.

She pinched Yao Yuan’s ears hard, “Then I will remove a brick from the hospital and break your dog’s legs!”

Yao Yuan: “…”

Lu Xiyu: “…”

Lu Xiyu followed them calmly, watching them make trouble all the way into the ward.

He suddenly wanted to know what kind of life Huang Fuya lived during the three months she had been hiding.

Yao Yuan should know best.

Yao Yuan came to City A at this time, perhaps because of destiny.

Lu Xiyu waited deliberately for a while before walking into Grandma Yao’s ward.

The four-bed ward became quiet the moment he entered.

Grandma Yao’s eyes lit up, “Oh my God! This young man… is so good-looking!”

Grandma Yao’s age is written on the hospital bed card. The old man is the same age as Tang Yulan.

But perhaps due to the living environment, Grandma Yao looks much older.

In any case, facing the old man, Lu Xiyu restrained his aura and said, “Grandma Yao, I am a friend of Yao Yuan and Fu Ya.”

Grandma Yao could tell at a glance that Lu Xiyu and Huang Fuya were the same kind of people.

It was an accident of fate that Yao Yuan met Huang Fuya.

Even if Lu Xi meets such a person by chance, Yao Yuan has no chance to get acquainted with him.

It is self-evident who his friend is.

Grandma Yao did not insist on this point, nodded and said: “Yao Yuan told me, young man, thank you!”

“Grandma, you don’t have to be polite to me.” Lu Xiyu’s speech was obviously much slower, “If you need anything next, just ask Yao Yuan to tell me.”

Grandma Yao agreed, but she knew very well in her heart that she could not trouble him easily.

They still have a chance to repay the favor they owe Huang Fuya.

This young man is not sure.

Huang Fuya comforted Grandma Yao for a few words, allowing her to undergo the operation with peace of mind, and then said: “Grandma, we are going back to the company. I will come see you after get off work!”

Grandma Yao waved her hand, “You guys work so hard, don’t run to me after get off work, go back and rest!”

Huang Fuya refused or agreed, and pulled Lu Xiyu away.

After walking out of the ward, Lu Xiyu looked back at Yao Yuan.

At this glance, Huang Fuya still didn’t notice.

She just said while waiting for the elevator: “Thank you for what happened today.”

Lu Xiyu had something to say, “I’ve done you such a big favor, so why don’t you just say thank you to me?”

He is too direct!

Huang Fuya asked unnaturally: “What do you want?”

Lu Xiyu’s eyes gradually warmed up, “You know what I want.”

Ever since I learned the truth about Huang Fuya’s separation from him, I have been doing one thing——

He hopes she changes her mind and gets back together with him.

He didn’t believe it, she didn’t feel anything.

Of course Huang Fuya felt it, but at this moment, when she met Lu Xiyu’s burning eyes, she thought wrongly.

She turned her head and said, “You know I can’t!”

Lu Xiyu squinted his eyes, “Where did you think about it? In your heart, do I only have that kind of thought about you?”

What if? What does he want?

Does he want her to… get back together with him?

Huang Fuya raised her head and looked at Lu Xiyu in disbelief.

The hope she saw was too slim.

She didn’t even dare to allow herself to have this idea.

The question is, how can she explain it to Lu Xiyu?

Lu Xiyu looked solemn, “I’ll ask the driver to pick me up, you go first.”

He was angry, quite obviously.

Huang Fuya touched her ears and said, “Then… I’ll treat you to dinner? If you refuse, I have no other option, so you can only accept my verbal thanks!”

She didn’t expect that this time Lu Xiyu would be easier to talk to than ever before.

Lu Xiyu approached her and said, “You can eat – you cook it for me.”

Huang Fuya wondered if Lu Xiyu had any obsession with the food she cooked? Did he insist on eating the food she cooked?

Lu Xiyu directly confirmed the time, “On the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival.”

“Aren’t you going to spend the holidays with your family?”

As soon as Huang Fuya finished speaking, the elevator door opened.

Lu Xiyu didn’t answer her and motioned for her to go in.

Many people were waiting in the elevator, so Huang Fuya had no choice but to leave first.

She was shocked by Lu Xiyu’s last words, completely unaware that Lu Xiyu stayed here to meet Yao Yuan.

When Yao Yuan came out, he saw Lu Xiyu standing alone at the elevator entrance.

As you may guess, Huang Fuya was sent away by him.

Yao Yuan came over and said, “Mr. Xiao Lu—I heard Dr. Liu and the others call you that—do you have many things you want to ask me?”

Lu Xiyu smiled, “You just said so much, didn’t you just want to tell me something?”

Yao Yuan did not expect that Lu Xiyu would find out.

Sure enough, he is the person that his elder sister Huang is interested in!

Finally, the two went to a coffee shop near the hospital.

Compared to coffee, Yao Yuan is still more interested in Lu Xiyu.

He looked at Lu Xiyu for a long time, and still couldn’t help but marvel – there is such a perfect face in this world!

If he were a woman and she broke up with Lu Xi, she would probably go crazy!

Yao Yuan no longer regarded Lu Xiyu as his love rival, so he no longer had stage fright. Instead, he was quite impressive and said:

“I can tell you whatever you want to know. But you have to answer me first, why did you break up with my sister? Why do you regret it now?”

As early as when he met Huang Fuya, he had determined that Huang Fuya was the one who was dumped!

Only those who have been broken up will be so painful.

Lu Xiyu said calmly, “She told you that I broke up with her?”

Yao Yuan said that he had judged this, and then said with a ghostly expression, “Don’t tell me that she was the one who broke up!”

Lu Xiyu said nothing, but his expression said everything.

Yao Yuan took a sip of bitter coffee to calm down his shock…

Whatever he thinks next is wrong.

He would rather suspect that Lu Xiyu was lying, “No way, the person who broke up with you can’t be in such pain! She likes you so much, I don’t believe she would break up with you, she’s not the kind of person who doesn’t want to give up the things she likes. People!”

“There is a reason why she broke up with me. I only found out about it recently.” Lu Xiyu said slowly, “You don’t have to worry about this anymore. Tell me how she lived during the three months she was in your village. ?”

Yao Yuan smiled, “Then you might want to order me another drink… I want something sweet! Life is already so bitter, how can anyone spend money to buy such a bitter drink?”


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