#178 Martial God Asura Chapter 5708: Mansion Master’s preparation


As soon as Chu Feng left, the woman with divine eyes appeared, and the pen also appeared at the same time.

It’s just that at this time, the pen was not behind the woman with divine eyes, but appeared in the form of a little girl next to the woman with divine eyes.

“Master, the medal on Chu Feng’s chest just now seems to have a special aura.” The little girl said.

“That’s a divine beast.” The woman with divine eyes said.

“Mythical beast?” When she heard the word “mythical beast”, the little girl was also surprised: “How come the mythical beast is on Chu Feng? Is he being used or possessed?”

“The power of the divine beast has been greatly suppressed, so it must have followed Chu Feng as a last resort.” The woman with divine eyes said.

“But the divine beast is arrogant by nature, and especially despises the human race. Unless it is really stronger than it, it will not surrender to any human race.”

“No matter how talented Chu Feng is, his cultivation level is limited after all. This beast probably has evil intentions, right?” the little girl asked.

“Whether it is good or bad has nothing to do with us. It is Chu Feng’s destiny.” The woman with divine eyes said.

Although he said this, his eyes were always staring at the star gate.

She also seemed to want to know why the divine beast followed Chu Feng.


Transporting through the star gate of the Nine Heavens Secret Land, Chu Feng soon arrived at the Totem Galaxy.

As soon as he walked out of the teleportation array, Chu Feng heard two pieces of news.

The first one is about the top of the Nine Heavens.

Chu Feng was a little surprised that he was invited by the Nine Heavens Summit. After all, leaving aside the matter of the Seven Realms Holy Palace, Chu Feng’s cultivation level was actually not that strong.

However, in comparison, he was surprised that Xian Miaomiao and Wang Qiang were also invited.

The Xian Miaomiao of Jiuhun Tianhe is undoubtedly the one he knows.

As for Wang Qiang, who has the divine body of Tianhe, will he be a stranger with the same name?

Or is he really his good brother Wang Qiang?

If this Wang Qiang appeared in other Tianhe, Chu Feng might think it was just a coincidence with the same name.

But the divine body Tianhe is not necessarily so.

After all, Wang Qiang possesses the Four Fierce Divine Bodies, which is said to be the tenth God-given Divine Body.

Coupled with Wang Qiang’s talent, as long as the Divine Body Tianfu values ​​talents, Wang Qiang will definitely be reused.

Of course, this is just Chu Feng’s guess, and it is also Chu Feng’s wish. He hopes to see Wang Qiang.

Because of the Blood-devouring Demon Lord, Chu Feng was actually quite worried about Wang Qiang’s safety.

Of course, Chu Feng didn’t have high expectations, there was still a high chance, it was just the same name.

So right now, Chu Feng is more worried about Long Chengyu and Long Muxi than Wang Qiang.

Because he has determined that the Totem Dragon Clan has rebelled, and the rebellion has ended. Now the Totem Dragon Clan has a new leader.

In this case, Long Chengyu and others’ life or death would be uncertain.

“Xiao Fengzi, why are you so nosy? It’s almost done, it’s time to leave.”

The Sky-Swallowing Qilin spoke.

It didn’t know the reason, but it only knew that Chu Feng had been listening to the conversations of others after he came out of the teleportation array.

I thought Chu Feng just liked to listen to gossip, so he listened for so long.

“You… felt something?” Chu Feng asked.

“Of course, southeast direction.” Tiantianqilin said.

The direction mentioned by the Sky-Swallowing Qilin happened to be the direction of the Totem Dragon Clan.

Chu Feng also wanted to go to the Totem Dragon Clan to inquire about the situation of Long Chengyu and others, so Chu Feng immediately embarked on the trip again.

At the same time, in the Seven Realms Holy Mansion, the saint-level elder who guarded the holy beast eggs has led other elders back to the Seven Realms Holy Mansion.

And the Lord of the Seven Realms Holy Palace has been informed of everything that happened.

The Lord of the Seven Realms Holy Palace did not punish them, because he knew that those people really had no way to deal with the formation of the World Spirit Immortal King.

Right now, he has asked all the elders to retreat and stay alone in the hall.

He looked gloomy and said nothing.

Originally, he also thought that Chu Feng might be dead, but not only was he not dead, but he destroyed the holy beast egg that had been hatched for 30,000 years in their Seven Realms Holy Mansion.

It is impossible not to be angry or aggrieved.

Since he took charge of the Seven Realms Holy Mansion, nothing so embarrassing has ever happened to the Seven Realms Holy Mansion.

But this person who brought shame to his Seven Realms Holy Palace is still the person he hates the most.

How could he not be angry?

Suddenly, the palace door opened, and two figures entered the hall.

These two are Daoist Xiantian and the Beast Shadow World Spiritist from the Seven Realms Holy Palace.

Although Taoist Xiantian said last time that no trace of Chu Feng could be found, the Lord of the Seven Realms still asked the Beast Shadow World Spiritist to follow Taoist Xiantian to facilitate contact with Taoist Xiantian.

These two people were summoned by him.

“Master of the Palace.”

After the two came in, they first bowed respectfully.

“Taoist Xiantian, is your nose not working?” asked the Lord of the Palace of the Seven Realms.

“Master of the Palace, Pindao has not been ill recently and there is nothing wrong with his nose.” Taoist Xiantian said.

“No problem? Then Chu Feng is not dead at all.”

There was also anger that was difficult to conceal in the tone of the Lord of the Seven Realms.

“Not dead?”

Hearing this, Taoist Xiantian understood something.

So he quickly squeezed the magic formula and his nose twitched rapidly.

Soon, his face froze: “He actually came back to life?”

“Do you know where he is?” asked the Lord of the Palace of the Seven Realms.

“Go back to the palace master, he is in Totem Tianhe.” Taoist Xiantian said.

“Are you on the way to Totem Tianhe?” asked the Lord of the Seven Realms Palace.

“No, it’s already in Totem Tianhe.” Taoist Xiantian said.

“Taoist Xiantian, is your nose really broken?” the Lord of the Seven Realms Palace asked angrily.

“Master Palace Master, there is really nothing wrong with Pindao’s nose. Chu Feng must have been seriously injured before and was about to die soon, so Pindao couldn’t smell his breath.”

“But I didn’t expect that this kid was so lucky that he survived.”

“Now that Pindao can smell his breath, he is indeed still alive.” Taoist Xiantian said.

“Of course I know he is alive, otherwise I wouldn’t have asked you to come, but he cannot be in Totem Galaxy.”

“Please investigate more carefully.” The Lord of the Seven Realms Palace said.

After all, according to what the elder guarding the Holy Beast Egg said, even if Chu Feng left, he should still be within the scope of the Seven Realms of the Milky Way. How could he reach the Totem Milky Way so soon?

Seeing this, Taoist Xiantian had no choice but to try again.

And this time, Taoist Sniffing Heaven sniffed for two full hours.

It can be seen from the sweaty look on his face that he spent a lot of effort.

But after sniffing it, he was a little afraid to speak.

“Where exactly is it, tell me?” the Lord of the Palace of the Seven Realms asked.

Taoist Xiantian wiped his sweat first, and then said: “Master Palace Master, it is really… really… really in the Totem Galaxy, that’s right.”

“Impossible, he can’t be in Totem Tianhe.” The Lord of the Seven Realms Palace said.

“This…” Taoist Xiantian didn’t know how to explain it.

“Taoist Xiantian, don’t you want that thing?” asked the Lord of the Palace of the Seven Realms.

“Of course I want it, but Lord Palace Master, Pindao really didn’t lie. Chu Feng is in Totem Tianhe now.”

“Master Palace Master, why are you so sure that he should not be in Totem Tianhe? Do you have any information about him?” Taoist Xiantian asked.

The Lord of the Seven Realms Palace thought for a while and decided not to tell Taoist Xiantian about the destruction of the holy beast egg.

After all, Taoist Xiantian is an outsider.

If the news about the destruction of the Holy Beast Egg~Soverse.com~ spreads again, the Seven Realms Holy Mansion will really lose its reputation.

“Taoist Xiantian, I don’t care whether your nose works or not, this is the last chance I give you.”

“Go and capture Chu Feng alive for me. As long as you can capture him alive, even if he only has one breath, I will give you what you want.”

The Lord of the Seven Realms Palace still chooses to trust Taoist Xiantian for once.

No matter what the current situation is, the nose of the Taoist Sniffer has really worked in the past.

“Don’t worry, Lord Palace Master, Pindao will definitely capture that Chu Feng.” Taoist Xiantian looked confident.

Before, he thought Chu Feng was dead, but he had just confirmed that Chu Feng was alive, and he was very sure that his judgment would not be wrong. Chu Feng was in Totem Galaxy.

“Beast Shadow, you are coming with me, too.” The Lord of the Seven Realms Palace said.

“Yes.” The beast shadow world spiritual master also immediately agreed.

Then the two immediately set off for Totem Galaxy.

The Lord of the Seven Realms Palace entered a forbidden area in the Seven Realms Holy Palace.

Normally, he should go catch Chu Feng. Originally, he wanted to go with Taoist Xiantian.

It’s just that he has more important things to do next.

He will personally set up the formation to prepare for Jie Tian to go to the top of the Nine Heavens.

And only if he sets up the formation himself can this be accomplished.

After being entangled, he decided to help Jie Tian first.

After all, in his opinion, Jie Tian is the future of his Seven Realm Holy Palace, and the top of Nine Heavens is the opportunity for Jie Tian to become famous.

As for Chu Feng, even if he did so many amazing things, in his eyes, Chu Feng was still just a little grasshopper.

In his opinion, Taoist Xiantian and the Beast Shadow World Spiritist are more than enough to deal with Chu Feng.

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