#177 Against the Gods Chapter 2005: Shocking


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Ximen Boyun continued: “In Linyuan Realm, there should have never been a precedent for measuring dragon bones with bone-measuring monuments. Therefore, it is difficult to make a definite conclusion about the geometry of the deviation. Lord Lie, do you accept this result? Or, you Is there a way to measure the keel?

” Of course Lie Qianhong would not be as aggressive as Yun Che was before. He quickly bowed his head and said: “We, the Liesha Sect, have a close relationship with the Bailin Alliance, and we admire the leader of the Ximen Alliance very much, let alone the leader of the Ximen Alliance. There is a knight sitting in charge… Lie Mou from the beginning

In the end, I never really doubted the Bailin Alliance. The only person I doubted was Yun Che. ”

If nothing can be done, a nice word is of course the best choice.

Ximen Boyun sneered in his heart, and his face was calm and cold: “So…Yun Che, you come forward to prove your innocence and that of the Helian royal family.”

Yun Che raised his brows slightly and exhaled silently.

He could imagine what would happen next with his nostrils.

He stood up and fell into the battlefield. Facing the eyes of everyone who were either looking forward to it, worried about it, or waiting for a good show, he pressed his palms on the bone measuring monument with a look of helplessness. The Xuan Monument shone, and a ray of withered light spread upwards… However, in everyone’s eyes, the withered light only extended for half a century, and then suddenly slowed down, and then it was still three minutes away from the distance of a century. When, it came to a standstill


In the Qilin Divine Realm, if there is a big pot under the cover, it will be silent for an instant, and you can hear a needle drop.

The shock brought by Long Jiang earlier had just subsided, and then it exploded several times again at this moment, shocking the eyes, heart and top of the skull.

“Half…half…half…half Jiazi!?”

The place where Xuan Guang is stationed is about two-thirds of a Jiazi… It belongs to the domain of half a Jiazi.

This scene and this result made everyone feel dizzy before their eyes, and their minds were roaring.

Ximen Boyun, who had always been cautious, suddenly enlarged his eyes, his profound energy was out of order, and he almost fell from the air.

As for Lie Qianhong, who was waiting for hope to appear, his eyes turned black, as if he was in a ridiculous fantasy.


“Half half half…hiss!”

“Half Jiazi…this, this, this…”


The same three words spilled out from countless people in confusion, but they all stuttered and failed to form sentences.

Helian Lingzhu covered her lips with both hands and moaned in shock. Mo Cangying even leaned on Ku Xian without realizing it.

Half Jiazi’s peak divine king is already astonishing to the world. And to release the power of a superior **** at the age of half a century… What kind of concept is this?

“…?” Above the distant sky, Hua Qingying took a deep look at Yun Che.

“Huh? He is actually so young, much younger than my youngest brother.”

Hua Caili, who had achieved half-step to the realm of divine annihilation at the age of seventeen, did not have a clear understanding of the scene at hand.

“The Xuan Monument has not been used for a long time and has been damaged.”

Lie Qianhong’s roar rang out among the chaotic screams. He pushed Lie Zhuoyang: “Yang’er, go!”

Dragon Jiang’s bone age, they can convince themselves that the “dragon bone” is unpredictable. And Yun Che…the only reason they could think of, oh no, the only explanation, was that the bone measuring monument was broken.

“Yes, the Bone Measuring Mysterious Monument must be broken. This must be the reason for Long Jiang’s strangeness.”

“Indeed, half-armored man, no matter what, it’s impossible.”

“No wonder, I remember that this bone-measuring monument has not been used for hundreds of years. It must be broken.”

There were echoes everywhere, no one believed that Yun Che was only half a year old…even Helian Lingzhu and Mo Cangying, and even they believed that the bone measuring monument was damaged.

After being pushed over, Lie Zhuoyang landed beside Yun Che, stretched out his arm and pressed it on the bone measuring monument.

Mysterious light shines, and in a blink of an eye it falls at the age of eight years, and then stops steadily.

“This…” Lie Zhuoyang was stunned, and Lie Qianhong stayed there even more.

“No, it’s impossible.”

How could Lie Qianhong give up? He swooped down, pushed his son away, stretched out his fingers, and grabbed the bone-measuring monument himself.

In an instant, the mysterious light burst out and shot straight up, breaking through for seventy seconds before stopping quickly.

The whole place was dead silent… As everyone in the Linyuan Realm knows, just seven months ago, Lisha Sect Leader celebrated his seventieth birthday.

The bone-measuring monument is spot on!

Lie Qianhong’s palm moved away from the Xuan Monument like an electric shock, his pupils dilated, and he shook his head in confusion: “No, I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it!!”

He suddenly turned around, grabbed Yun Che’s arm, and pressed it on the mysterious monument again.

The mysterious light shines slightly, still stopping at two-thirds of a mile, the same as before.

“…” Lie Qianhong’s body shook, and his eyes were blurred: “No… no… impossible, how could such a thing happen… how could such a thing happen!”

What he couldn’t accept even more was the destruction of his last hope, or Yun Che’s age that shattered his cognition into dregs.

Everyone was once again at a loss. This time, they had lost even the last reason to convince and comfort themselves. Especially the disciples of Panxuan Sect and Wanren Sect, all of them have dull faces, as if they have lost their souls… As the top geniuses of this generation in Linyuan Realm, they have been abused to this extent by a junior who is only half a year old. How can they face each other?

Letter, how to accept it.

“Lingzhu.” Kuxian was confused and called out the name of the eldest princess: “You have picked up a… real monster.”

“…” Helian Lingzhu’s fingers were still tightly covering her lips, unable to speak at all.

Yun Che shook off Lie Qianhong’s palm, turned around and said, “This should be enough to prove his innocence.”

“Sir Knight, you should announce the results of this battle this time. Or…I don’t mind if everyone is invited to take a test.”

Yun Che’s voice reached his ears straight away, and Ximen Boyun suddenly came back to his senses. Only then did he realize how out of control he had become. He quickly regrouped his expression and demeanor, and the aura of the Knight of the Abyss also spread again: “According to the determination of the Xuan Stele, Long Jiang and Yun Che are both within ten years of age, and neither the Bailin Alliance nor the Helian Royal Family have violated the Yuan Dynasty. The rules set by the emperor. Lord Lie, you

Is there anything else to say? ”

“…” Lie Qianhong closed his eyes, shook his head feebly, and said no more.

Ximen Boyun raised his head and announced: “In the second round of the Linshen Meeting, the Bailin League and the Helian Royal Family ended in a draw, ranking first together. Both can choose 350 people to enter the Linshen Realm.”

The sound fell and no one cheered.

Only a bunch of eyes were focused on Yun Che’s body, dazed like a dream, unable to wake up for a long time.


Above in the distant sky, Hua Qingying withdrew his eyes and consciousness: “Cai Li, you’ve finished watching the excitement, it’s time to go.”

“Huh? Let’s go? But…” Hua Caili’s first reaction was to refuse, because she wanted to continue to watch the excitement from a distance that constantly brought novelty and surprises.

In particular, she wanted to see more of what this person named Yun Che would do next. Because the novelty and surprises in this excitement were all brought by him.

“Restraining curiosity is a kind of mental cultivation.” Hua Qingying pierced her thoughts: “Lin Shen Realm is not allowed to enter without permission. This place will not help your cultivation at all. You have stayed too long. It’s been a long time, it’s time to leave.”

“Yes, but…” “It’s up to you to decide whether to stay or leave. I’m just making suggestions and won’t interfere.” Hua Qingying’s voice did not contain any toughness, but gradually became ethereal, as if it was quickly disappearing: “During this period, my presence beside you has been too clear

, this is never a good thing. ”

“From today on, I will not respond to your words or give you any advice unless it is really necessary. I just hope… that you will not let down the first experience of your life.”

Hua Caili’s expression calmed down. She thought about it seriously, then nodded and said, “Okay, I will listen to my aunt.”

This time, no one responded to her.

Her clear eyes glanced down for the last time, she turned around and flew away without any hesitation.

A very fun “hero saves a beauty” and a “novelty” Linshen meeting undoubtedly made Hua Caili firmly remember the name Yun Che.

When she turned around at this moment, she thought that everything would be like what she had experienced before, and that it would soon fade away and be dispersed in the dust behind her.


Some encounters, some entanglements, some love and hate… It is just as destined by heaven, there is no escape.

It is even more unpredictable whether the destination will be a sea of ​​colorful clouds and flowers or a demonic abyss of sorrow and hatred.


The news that the Helian royal family won the first place in the Linshen Battle quickly spread back to Helian Imperial City.

He Lianjue sat up in shock while he was dying. His wild laughter shook a hole in the roof of the palace that had just been partially repaired.

Pretending to be seriously injured, He Lianjue asked people to quickly prepare the profound ark, then hurriedly selected a group of royal descendants and headed straight for the Qilin God Realm.

The final battle of the Linshen Meeting is between Panxuan, Wanren, and Lisha, but it will take twelve hours, and the result will be known at a glance.

Yun Che naturally had no interest. He had already left the battlefield, found an opportunity to get Helian Lingzhu alone, and asked him about the Abyssal Beast Clan in an insinuating way.

“The Dragon Clan is indeed still so powerful.” Yun Che sighed solemnly: “That Dragon Jiang has something weird all over his body. Speaking of the Dragon Clan…”

His footsteps paused in response to the sound, and then he put his hand on his forehead with a look of pain on his face.

“Ah? What’s wrong with you? Were you injured just now?” Helian Lingzhu asked worriedly, and her fingers subconsciously touched Yun Che’s forehead.

Yun Che naturally lowered his hands and straightened up, just avoiding Helian Lingzhu’s fingers, and said with relief: “Of course not. It was just a serious injury a month ago, not only in my memory, but also in my cognition. Incomplete.”

“When I think about the Dragon Clan…and other Beast Clan things, I just go blank.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Helian Lingzhu smiled and comforted: “Your injury healed so quickly, the trauma in your soul will also slowly recover.”

“Yes, I will definitely recover.” Yun Che nodded, and then said naturally: “I just thought about the beast clan…except for the blankness and confusion, I only vaguely remembered that except for the dragon clan, all other beast clans were extinct. ”

“Of course.” Helian Lingzhu said: “In addition to the dragon clan, there is also the last unicorn. The other beast clans have all been eroded into abyss beasts.”

“Yes…the Abyssal Beast.” Yun Che slowed down his speech and tightened his brows, looking like he was trying hard to think and remember.

“Before, I once read an ancient book that I don’t know where it came from.” Helian Lingzhu said softly: “It said that many beast races are actually stronger than the human race. Especially the dragon race, which is much stronger than the human race. .”

“However, Yuan Chen’s erosion of the beast clan was far greater than that of humans, which led to the gradual extinction of the beast clan, and eventually only the dragon clan remained. Ancient books say that if there were no Yuan Chen in the world, maybe the world would be dominated by the dragon clan. ”

What the ancient books say is correct…the God Realm before Yun Che’s rule was dominated by the Dragon Clan, and it could not be shaken for millions of years.

“Yuanchen’s erosion of the orcs is far greater than that of humans”… This sentence is undoubtedly the answer to everything.

Mo Beichen’s remnant soul does indeed have the concept of “abyssal beast”.

They wander in the sea of ​​mist, completely eroded by the power of destruction in the abyss, and naturally they only have the instinct of destruction. “A month ago, I encountered an eroded Abyss Beast at the edge of the Sea of ​​Fog.” Helian Lingzhu continued: “It is indeed much more terrifying than the Abyss Beast transformed by Yuan Chen. If not Ninth Senior Brother suddenly appears, I might…


Her voice was filled with fear, but she immediately looked at Yun Che, her bright eyes curled up: “However, it was precisely because of you that time I entered the sea of ​​fog privately that I was able to meet Mr. Yun Che. That was indeed my life. The most correct decision.”

Her eyes were like looking up to a god.

Yun Che smiled, but he remembered another message in his heart. Some of the abyssal beasts in the foggy sea are ancient beasts that have been completely eroded, and some… are condensed by too rich abyssal dust!


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