#177 Against the Gods Chapter 2004: Bone measurement


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Lie Qianhong’s intention was immediately clear.

In the divine world, the age range of a living being can be roughly judged by the breath of life it emits. But the abyss is entirely different. Yuan Chen will greatly limit or even distort perception, and more importantly, Yuan Chen will devour life and muddy the breath of life. People who grew up in different environments, even if they are exactly the same age, have different interpretations

The breath of life will also be greatly different.

A person who grew up in a kingdom of gods, and a person who grew up in a godless country… the life breath of the latter may be more profound than that of the former.

Therefore, in the abyss, judging age by the breath released can only produce results that are so vague that they can barely be used as a reference.

Although Lie Qianhong’s move was a bit of a trapped beast, it was by no means unreasonable. On the contrary, it reminded many people at once. Before the start of each Linshen Guild war, the age of the participating disciples was not determined. First of all, everyone in the Linyuan Realm knows something about the genius disciples of this era. Secondly… and the most important reason, Linshen Realm

For the gift of Emperor Yuan, who dares to lie about the matter involving Emperor Yuan’s gift?

Especially when there is an Abyss Knight supervising and witnessing every time.

If someone dares to lie about their age in order to enter the Linshen Realm, it is undoubtedly an act of contempt for the Holy Power of Emperor Yuan. The consequences are serious… disqualification will bring disaster to the entire sect.

The risk and return are as different as the sky, so no matter how courageous the three sects are, they will never dare to do this. Therefore, there is no need to determine the age before the Linshen meeting… This is barely the only tacit understanding the three sects have ever had.

Now, this “tacit understanding” has become the Lisha Sect’s last chance.

If either Yun Che or Long Jiang is over ten years old, the Helian royal family or the Bailin Alliance will definitely lose the qualification to enter the Linshen Realm this time… No, such a serious crime will definitely not result in permanent disqualification. impossible.

The Lisha Sect can ascend to the throne and regain the qualification to enter the Linshen Realm.

When everyone looked at the Helian royal family, they all noticed that something was obviously wrong with Helian Lingzhu.

Suddenly, various whispers sounded.

The longer a profound practitioner stays in a realm, the more profound and powerful the mysterious energy becomes. And Yun Che, with his cultivation in the Divine Lord Realm, completely tortured all the lower-level God Lords. For the mystics of Linyuan Realm, this can be said to be completely beyond their cognitive boundaries. And based on their understanding that they are limited to the Linyuan Realm…if someone can really do it

In the end, it can only be an old monster that has stayed in the Divine Lord Realm for too many years.

Under ten years… No matter at first thought or deep thought, it is completely impossible. And Long Jiang… Long’s cultivation speed is more than twice as slow as that of people with the same Xuan Dao talent. Chi Long, the eighth-level divine master who is under ten years old, is second only to Pure Land and Sixth Level in terms of plane, resources, and foundation. The dragon clan of the Great God Kingdom also

It’s still too unbelievable.

Mo Cangying frowned slightly, but he was not too panicked inside.

When he first met Yun Che, Yun Che was in a coma due to severe injuries and was completely defenseless. The breath of life he exuded could be said to be “too young.”

It was precisely because the divine king looked so young that Helian Lingzhu insisted on saving him.

He is now eight and a half years old, and Yun Che has always called him “Brother Mo”… he must be younger than him, right?

Ximen Boyun looked calm: “What does Sect Leader Lie mean?”

“Lie requested to test the bone ages of the two of them!”

The breath is difficult to distinguish, but the bone age cannot be faked!

Lie Qianhong’s voice was so powerful that it made everyone present’s eardrums buzz.

Ximen Borong’s expression did not change, but he smiled with a hint of saltiness.

Although he did not know Long Jiang’s true age, he was sure that the other party would never be older than ten years old.

But that Yun Che… is not necessarily the case.

So, instead of being annoyed by Lie Qianhong’s actions, he couldn’t help but applaud.

If Yun Che’s age is really over ten years old, then Ximen Boyun can punish him on the spot… no matter what his status is.

In this abyss, no matter what your status is, you cannot be greater than the Abyss Emperor.

The Helian royal family can also be kicked into the abyss of sin. After that, he will worship Lin Alliance to establish a country and change the dynasty, but he will save too much effort. After all, Helian Lingzhu’s state of mind was relatively fragile and she could not completely suppress the panic in her heart. She stood up hastily, but Mo Cangying immediately grabbed her and whispered: “We have no right to refuse. On the contrary, speaking out forcefully will only appear guilty

. ”

“Moreover…” Mo Cangying glanced at Yun Che, who was completely unfazed and even wanted to laugh: “Brother Yun attaches great importance to friendship and is eager to repay your kindness. How could he harm you in this kind of thing. ”

These words greatly reduced Helian Lingzhu’s anxiety. She glanced at Yun Che quietly and nodded.

Ximen Boyun said: “Who dares to hide the gift from Emperor Yuan? However, the age of ten years was limited by Emperor Yuan’s personal words at that time, and it was not determined before the Linshen meeting, all because of mutual trust. Any If either party has doubts, they should act on it.”

Soon, a tall mysterious monument used to determine bone age was placed in the center of the battlefield.

Ximen Borong was the first to say: “Although my background in worshiping the Linmeng is still shallow, I am eager for such a holy gift as the Linshen realm. But even if I have a hundred thousand courage, I would not dare to blaspheme the holy gift of Emperor Yuan. ”

“Let me, Bai Linmeng, make the determination first.”

He turned his eyes and said to Long Jiang: “Please ask Master Long to move a little bit to prove that I, Bai Linmeng, am innocent.”

The momentum has reached this point, and the word “Yuan Huang” is overwhelming, and no one can refuse it.

Not letting Ximen Borong wait too long, Long Jiang appeared, his aura still lifeless.

Obviously, she was reluctant. But…she must enter the Linshen realm.

She stood in front of the Xuan Monument, and her palms wrapped in broad robes touched the Xuan Monument.

The Xuan Formation appeared on the Xuan Monument, and a line of withered light shone straight up.

However, just after reaching the age of sixty years, the speed suddenly slowed down and then gradually stagnated.

The place where Xuan Guang stopped was less than… one and a half Jiazi!

Long Jiang retracted his arms, turned around coldly, and disappeared from everyone’s sight again in a moment.

The only thing left was the chaotic overlapping sound of gasping.

“One and a half… Jiazi??”

“Is this…this…is this possible?”

“Is this Mysterious Monument broken? The eighth-level God Lord…a half-armor!? Legend has it that the Kingdom of God has a special ‘inheritance’ that can directly enter the realm of the God Lord. But I have never heard of the Dragon Clan having this kind of ‘inheritance’ , this, this…”


Every breath of air in the Qilin Divine Realm was filled with shock.

This is a star realm where one can become a **** master within ten years, which means one is an extremely talented person.

And now, they witnessed with their own eyes that an eighth-level **** master only measured the age of half a year old.

This has a huge impact on their spirit and cognition.

Lie Qianhong, who was full of expectations, was dumbfounded… Not far away, Ximen Borong was also stunned and was stunned on the spot.

Ximen Boyun stood up slowly, his shrinking pupils showing the deep shock in his heart.

Long Jiang took the initiative to seek out the Linmen and helped them enter the Linshen realm.

And she only has two conditions: one is to enter the Linshen Realm with the Bailin Alliance, and the other is not to find out any information about her.

For the Bailin Alliance, this is undoubtedly equivalent to not having to pay any price, but it can stabilize the three sects in one day and obtain the highest qualification to enter the Linshen Realm.

How could they refuse such divine help?

She guaranteed with the dignity of the dragon clan that her age was definitely under ten years old.

However, neither Ximen Borong nor Ximen Boyun ever dreamed that her “under ten jiazi” was actually only half a jiazi.

After setting foot in the Pure Land and becoming a knight of the abyss, Ximen Boyun’s knowledge is no longer limited to the small Lin Abyss world. He began to understand the kingdom of God, began to come into contact with the knowledge of the highest plane of the abyss, and his knowledge of the dragon clan was far better than before.

The Kingdom of God can achieve this through special “inheritance” for high-ranking divine masters who are less than a hundred years old. But the Dragon Clan has no “inheritance” and can only rely on cultivation.

Furthermore, the growth of dragons is extremely slow. This is a basic understanding that everyone knows.

The bone age measured by Long Jiang in front of him… His first reaction was that he couldn’t believe it. His second reaction was that the mysterious tablet was wrong.

Or…dragons and humans have different races, and dragon bones and human bones are also different. The bone age monuments in Linyuan Realm all measure human bones, and dragon bones have never been measured, so it is a big mistake. Is it reasonable?

This is the most reasonable… and the most appropriate explanation he can think of.

On the other side, Yun Che was also shocked in his heart.

He knows the Dragon Clan very well. After all, the most powerful dragon clans in the God Realm…the Dragon God Clan, the Chilong Clan, and the Hidden Dragon Clan were basically wiped out by him, with only the Qinglong Clan becoming the new dragon clan.

The dragons grow slowly, and their strength, to put it bluntly, is due to their powerful bodies and long lifespans.

Even if a person in the God Realm becomes a God Emperor, his life span will only be 50,000 years. And Long Bai is 350,000 years old and is still at his peak. The Azure Dragon Emperor is one hundred thousand years old… I guess he is still a young girl dragon in Long Bai’s eyes.

A half-year-old eighth-level divine master Chilong… let alone the Chilong Emperor of the Western Divine Region, Long Bai would probably be frightened to the point of kneeling on the spot when he saw him.

Is this… the dragon clan of the abyss?

No… Look at Ximen Boyun’s expression as if he has seen a ghost. This is definitely not normal in the abyss.

This also makes Yun Che more and more curious. For such a person, what is her purpose of entering the Linshen Realm?

“Sure enough, there are people outside the world, and there is a sky outside the world.” Mo Cangying murmured… He was originally a genius that all his peers looked up to, but now for the first time, he felt that he was so insignificant.

Ximen Boyun’s voice sounded: “This mysterious stele is based on human bones. There will definitely be a deviation in determining the age of the dragon bones, but I think it won’t be more than ten years old.”

The words of the Abyss Knight instantly diluted the shock in everyone’s hearts, making them suddenly realize… That’s right! Dragon **** is a chilong, a dragon bone! How can it be compared with human bones?

No wonder,

When living beings face something that transcends cognition and is unacceptable, a sufficiently “reasonable” explanation will be easily recognized…including Simon Boyun himself who proposed the “explanation”.

After all, who would easily question something within their own knowledge?

In the distant sky, Hua Caili asked curiously: “Is there really a big deviation in the age determination of human bones and dragon bones?”

“…It is indeed her.” Hua Qingying answered the question incorrectly.


“No matter what race the bones are, there is no difference in bone age determination. They are just a group of ignorant people trying to comfort themselves.” Hua Qingying then responded to Hua Caili’s question.

Hua Caili did not ask about the identity of this dragon girl, but suddenly said in a soft voice: “Then…how old should my bones be?”

“Nineteen years old.” Hua Qingying responded without hesitation.

“That’s good, hehehe.” The girl smiled happily, showing a beautiful smile.

Sure enough, no matter which plane a woman is, she will care more or less about her age.

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