#176 The Sovereign’s Ascension Chapter 2344: The husband and wife are of the same heart!


Su Ziyao’s strong appearance immediately stabilized the situation on the main peak of Chixiao Peak.

“The Holy Lord has an order. Anyone who dares to cause trouble here will be killed, and the nine princesses are no exception.”

The Great Sage Fuguang, who was fighting against Mr. Ghost and the Great Sage of the Yaozu in the sky, was extremely anxious when he saw this, and immediately shouted with the blessing of the holy voice.

The three of the Great Sage Jueming breathed a sigh of relief. If there were no words or promises, they would not have dared to attack Su Ziyao rashly.

“The nine princesses broke the blood prison of Jue Ming, this old man. I admire you. Can you give me some more tricks!”

After hearing Fu Guang’s words, the Great Sage Jue Ming took a step forward and looked at Su Ziyao suspiciously.

Jian Jingtian’s face changed slightly when he heard the words, and he said angrily: “Jueming, if you have the guts to fight with me, bullying the nine princesses is nothing.”

Jueming said coldly: “Do you think I dare not? In a mere realm of heaven, even if you are at the peak of the eighth-grade sword will, the old man is not without means to deal with you, but you like to fight your life the most and don’t bother to pay attention to you. “

“Since the nine princesses have the courage to destroy the old man’s blood prison, don’t they dare to fight the old man head-on?”


There was a sudden sound of breaking through the sky, but it was the great sages who had wiped out Danxiao Peak, Bixiao Peak and Qingxiao Peak before, and they finally freed up their hands and landed on Chixiao.

In an instant, on Chixiao Peak, there were eleven more great saints in the Xuantianzong camp, and all of them were mighty and imposing.

Of the six great sages stationed at the three peaks, only five came.

There is no way, the difference in numbers is too big, and there are no ruthless people like Long Yunyi or Ye Guhan, it is difficult for other peaks to block the opponent.

Seeing this, Mu Xuankong’s expression darkened slightly, and even Jian Jingtian frowned slightly.

On the other hand, the Great Sage Jueming and the others showed a surge in morale, with smug smiles on their faces.

“Princess Nine, do you dare to fight this old man?”

Jueming stared at the other party, aggressively.

The reason why he targeted Su Ziyao was because of his character of revenge. Su Ziyao destroyed his blood prison, so he wanted to find a way to step on the other party.

The second is that the opponent has a noble status, if he can catch him in one fell swoop, it will make Jian Zong throw his weapons up and down.

“You’re so sure that you can beat me?”

Su Ziyao said calmly.

The Great Sage Jueming said: “I dare not say that I can crush with one hand, but I can easily win with one hand. If you are not allowed, I will swarm you, and you have no chance of winning.”

“You must be.”

Su Ziyao’s eyes flashed with coldness, and she said coldly.

The faces of Jian Jingtian and the others changed drastically. Su Ziyao didn’t know what method to use to collapse the Jueming Blood Prison.

But the aura on her body can only be cultivated in the realm of the Holy Venerable, at most it is the Holy Venerable at the peak of the Holy Venerable Dao Realm.

Presumably she must have had an adventure in the Burial Mountain Range, otherwise her cultivation base would never have risen so fast.

But the saint in the Dao domain is still a saint, and his cultivation base is still crushed in the face of the great saint, not to mention that the great sage Jueming is still in the realm of immortality at the top of the great sage.


Jian Jingtian said hastily.

He himself is the realm of the great sage, relying on the eighth-grade sword intent and the aura of the sword sect, which makes the other party afraid.

But in the real fight, Jian Jingtian had already discovered it, and the opponent could still deal with him easily.

The head of the Seven Sages of Montenegro is by no means in vain.

Su Ziyao said calmly: “I can stop him, although the current situation is dangerous, but as long as my husband Lin Yun comes, all the dangers can be resolved. He trusts me, I will trust him, and I ask the king of heaven to trust me.”

Su Ziyao’s voice was not very loud, but it was transmitted to every corner of Jianzong very clearly, shocking everyone.

She called Lin Yun her husband?

Are the two really married?

Su Ziyao, who is so tall and looks like a king in the world, who is known as the head of the three beauties in Kunlun, actually married Lin Yun.

What is even more unbelievable is that Su Ziyao’s confidence in Lin Yun moved everyone.

“Hahaha, even if Lin Yun comes, he is nothing more than a saint. It’s fine if he doesn’t come. I’m going to be afraid of his rise to become emperor. If he comes, I will clean it up with you! Offended Already!”

Great Sage Juechen’s eyes flashed a gloomy and ruthless look. Although he was a great sage, he did not have any self-cultivation.

Whoever you are, Ninth Princess, if you dare to break my blood prison, I will make you pay a thousand times the price.


With one thought, he came to Su Ziyao.

Generally speaking, with his cultivation base, he doesn’t need to do it himself, and a palm from the air can make the peak of the Holy Venerable fall directly.

But facing the Jueming Great Sage rushing towards him, Su Ziyao’s white, cold and arrogant beauty showed no signs of panic.

Behind her, the flower of the Dao bloomed first, which was the Emperor’s Sacred Path, ranking first among the thirty-six Supreme Sacred Paths.


The moment the strange flowers bloom, Su Ziyao is full of majesty like a human emperor, which makes people inexplicably awed.

It’s not over yet!

The scroll of astrology unfolded again, and a purple-gold dragon flew out of it, which was the Supreme Astrology Eternal Dragon.

Jueming’s face remained unchanged, whether it was the astrology of the supreme dragon or the sacred path of the emperor dragon, it was enough to make the great sage of the heavenly realm fearful.

But he is not!

He has already grasped the secret, and he has crossed the immeasurable holy power and reached the immortal state of the peak of the great sage.

“It’s nothing more than a trick, kneel down and beg for mercy!”

The great sage Jueming let out an angry roar, and the monstrous holy power burst out from his body, and the embryonic form of the Jueming blood prison gradually condensed.

But when this coercion was about to fall on Su Ziyao, he was blocked by an eternal force, and his fist light was also blocked, and the space became extremely solidified. .

“What happened?”

The pupils of the Great Sage Jueming suddenly shrank, and he was extremely shocked.

There was another strange flower blooming behind Su Ziyao.

That is the power of truth!

Nine eternal holy ways, the holy way of truth!

Boundless hymns resounded between heaven and earth, and golden phantoms like gods appeared behind Chixiao Peak.

They crossed the long river of time, worshiped Su Ziyao, sang hymns, and recited her glorious deeds.

Heaven and earth hymn, this is a mythical vision!

Su Ziyao is also a myth-level genius. Like Lin Yun, she is a contemporary myth in the Kunlun world after the Nine Emperors.

“The truth is above, I am the king of the world!”

Su Ziyao, wearing a wreath of the sacred tree on her head, met the opponent’s punch, and bombarded it with the dragon fist of the dragon martial arts emperor.


The two fist lights collided in the air, and the expected scene of Su Ziyao collapsing did not happen.

On the contrary, the Great Sage Jueming was caught off guard and took a small step back.

But he was not injured, but his face became more and more uneasy, and he said: “This Kunlun has changed, and the other generation has mastered the holy way of truth. No wonder he has such confidence, good, good!”

The great sage Jue Ming rushed to the past at a faster speed, and used the Jue Ming divine seal created by himself to perform various terrifying killing moves.

Su Ziyao remained calm, but Dilongquan responded calmly.

Bang bang bang!

When the Great Sage Jueming really made a move, Su Ziyao could only defend passively, but in the end she would rather be injured than give an inch.

Can’t retreat, can’t give up!

This is the principle of the emperor’s holy way. The emperor guards the gate of the country, and the king dies. Once he retreats, the emperor’s prestige will be greatly reduced.

If you don’t retreat, the power of the emperor will become more and more courageous as you fight.

The hymn between heaven and earth was also constantly echoing, those stalwart golden phantoms behind Chixiao Peak put their hands up, and streaks of holy radiance, like golden streamers, descended condescendingly on Su Ziyao’s body.

The holy brilliance fell on Su Ziyao’s body, and her injuries were instantly healed.

The truth is above, I am the king of the world!

Su Ziyao became more and more courageous as the battle progressed. Not only did she not retreat an inch, but the holy brilliance on her body became even brighter.

“This is really a myth in the world, the heavens are praising her!”

Mu Xuankong was extremely shocked when he saw the majestic golden phantoms in all directions. These visions were only seen in ancient books and legends.

The previously cynical Great Sage Cangmang looked a lot more dignified, and said in a deep voice: “This girl is destined to be the king of Kunlun.”

On the other hand, looking at the side of the Xuantianzong camp, looking at those stalwart golden phantoms and seeing the holy brilliance bursting out of their hands, they all looked rather ugly.

The great sage Jueming suddenly became anxious, knowing that he could not hold back any more, he had to hit the opponent with one blow and completely crush him.

“Dirty Hell!”

The great sage Jueming urged his own Dao domain to condense a thousand-foot-high Hell Yama. That Yama was like a priest in hell, with endless coercion, and even a faint radiance blooming in his eyes.

Obviously, there are terrifying divine lines lingering in the depths of the eyes, which is a killer move beyond the dragon spirit level martial arts.

“Well done!”

Before everyone exclaimed, Su Ziyao, who had not moved all this time, suddenly flew into the air.


When the emperor got angry, he laid down millions of corpses and bled for thousands of miles, causing the mountains and rivers of the world to tremble.

Su Ziyao’s right hand directly slapped out facing Yan Luo, the God of Nirvana bloomed on the back of his hand, and Nirvana stretched out his hand to strike again.

Golden-red flames, enveloping the mighty skeletal hands, rolled away with an aura of destruction.


Qianzhang Yan Luo’s chest was instantly shattered, and his head was directly crushed by the bone hand.


The great sage Jueming spat out blood, and looked at Su Ziyao with some horror: “The hand of the **** of death, the hand of the **** of death, this is the inheritance of the king of the **** of death, Su Ziyao…how can you… your mortal body… …”

That is a magic hand!

The great sage Jueming was too regretful, no wonder that bone hand could easily defeat his own blood prison, this is the hand of God.

It was also the hand of the famous Nirvana God Sovereign, the Kunlun God Sovereign recorded in ancient books, who single-handedly wiped out ten demon gods with fearless courage.

That is the well-deserved Kunlun God of War. The demon spirit he killed was terrified, and even after death, he was still suppressed under the buried mountain range.

It made the demon spirit gnash his teeth in anger, but he was helpless.

“The truth is above, I am the king of the world!”

On Su Ziyao’s head was wearing a wreath tied by Lin Yun himself. She stood in the void, and the emperor’s majesty appeared. At this moment, she seemed to be the king of the world.

In an instant, she and Jueming Great Sage changed their offense and defense, forcing the opponent to defend passively and be beaten, which was miserable.

Su Ziyao showed her sharpness and stabilized the situation on Chixiao Peak with the might of a divine hand.

But the one hundred and eight peaks of the outer sect couldn’t hold on anymore!

Many Sword Sect disciples gathered on Yantian Peak, the main peak of the Outer Sect, to face the vast number of saints and dozens of saints.

Although there are holy monks from Langya Tiangong and Shenhuang Mountain to assist in the battle, the disadvantage in numbers is still too great.

Ye Ziling used the Shenlong sword body to the limit, and with the blessing of Xiaotianlongling, he fought against Zhuge Qingyun, the first disciple of Xuantianzong.

Zhuge Qingyun claimed for a long time that the saint was the number one in the world, and Feng Jue was severely beaten in the first battle of Cang Xuanhai.

Right now, he has already attained the level of a saint, relying on the Xuantian treasure mirror, he suppressed Ye Ziling into a mess.

At the beginning, Ye Ziling was still able to fight against the opponent, but as the number of 108 peaks fell more and more, the weakening of the earth’s energy was obviously invincible.

Zhao Yan, Gongsun Yan, Mu Xueqin, Mu Qingqing and other saints have already been scarred and sustained themselves.

“Su Ziyao is really scary, Chixiao Peak is stable, but you all have to die!”

Zhuge Qingyun noticed the battle situation in Chixiao Peak, and decided not to hold back. Several moon discs appeared behind him, and a reversal of the universe devoured all of Su Ziyao’s sword intent.

When the heaven and earth became the right time, they paid back all the past.

Ye Ziling was immediately sent flying out, Long Yin was miserable, Zhao Yan and Gongsun Yan resolutely went up to meet him.

“The mantis is a car!”

Zhuge Qingyun sneered, using his strength to deal with these so-called saints, without Ye Ziling’s cover, he would be as easy as crushing an ant.

But when he was about to make a move, a sword light stabbed him so hard that he couldn’t even open his eyes, and he felt an extremely dangerous aura.

Zhuge Qingyun turned pale with fright, retreated in a hurry, twirling and dodging frantically.


But when he fell to the ground, there was still a ferocious bloodstain on his cheek, and the blood continued to overflow, making him look extremely terrifying.

“Zhuge Qingyun, we haven’t seen each other for a long time.”

A voice came slowly, Ye Ziling, Mu Xuankong and the others felt very familiar, they turned their heads quickly.

I saw Jianxiu wearing a green shirt in mid-air, with a face like a crown jade, handsome and handsome, slowly falling down with a faint smile.

He is handsome and flawless, magnificent, like a sword fairy who fell from the sky, his smile makes people feel like a spring breeze, and his expression is shocked.

“Brother Lin!”

“Bury the Playboy!”

“The burial boy is here!”

All the holy cultivators on Yantian Peak, as well as the huge number of Sword Sect disciples, were extremely excited when they saw it.

“Little brother, you are finally here, we are being bullied so hard!”

Feng Jue rushed up with a limp, crying bitterly, with tears streaming from his eyes.

He is a semi-sacred peak, and he can’t interfere with the affairs of the main peak, so he can only come to the outer peaks to help.

But even so, she was still bullied terribly.

What’s worse is that many people know that he is a disciple of Yaoguang, and they don’t kill him when they can. It’s obvious that they want to humiliate him.

After being bullied hard, he smiled and said, you are also a disciple of Yaoguang, hahaha?

Feng Jue was so angry and annoyed that he wished he could find a hole in the ground and crawl into it.

Though he wanted to die several times, he was only taught a harsh lesson, telling him to keep him. Keeping him would be a disgrace to Yaoguang, and his life would be a humiliation to Yaoguang.

It caused others to laugh out loud and deeply agree.

“Who bullied you?”

Lin Yun stepped forward to comfort, Feng Jue felt aggrieved, stretched out his hand and said: “He, he, he, he, they all have them, saying that I am not worthy of my Yaoguang disciple, and using my name to ridicule Master.”

Lin Yun’s complexion changed slightly, and a cold look flashed in his eyes.

Master once said that Feng Jue was not stupid or lacking in talent. He would not truly awaken his talent until he reached the Holy Realm. This group of people is really too much.

“Especially him, Zhuge Qingyun!” Feng Jue pointed at Zhuge Qingyun and said, “It’s him, tell others not to kill me, and if they keep me, they will leave Yaoguang ashamed.”

Lin Yun took a step forward, looking at him coldly.

“Am I wrong?”

Zhuge Qingyun sneered.

“Senior brother Lin, are you married to the ninth princess?” At this moment, Ye Ziling stepped forward and said, she felt that this matter was extremely important to Lin Yun, so she must tell him.

“How do you know?”

Lin Yun asked curiously.

Ye Ziling said: “Princess Nine told you that you are her husband in front of many great sages and sages on the top of Chixiao, and everyone inside and outside the Jianzong heard it clearly.”

Lin Yun’s complexion changed slightly, he couldn’t help looking at Chixiao Peak, and clenched his right fist.

He knew what this meant, which meant that Su Ziyao chose him, betrayed the Dragon Empire, and betrayed the Dragon Empress.

Even if the turmoil here is over, the Dragon Empress will not let her go.

Though tens of thousands of people obstructed her, she resolutely made a decision and declared to the world that she was Lin Yun’s wife.

If your husband is in trouble, you will never turn back!

Zi Yao!

Lin Yun’s eyes were moist, and a thousand thoughts came to his mind, Ziyao, I owe you too much.

“Xuantian Baojian, turn the world around!”

But Zhuge Qingyun took advantage of this opportunity, taking advantage of Lin Yun’s distraction, to attack directly.

“Brother, be careful!”

Mu Qingqing and the others exclaimed.

No need to be reminded by others, Lin Yun had already noticed it, his eyes swept away, and endless hostility burst out from his eyes.

The supreme dragon body!

Lin Yun urged the Supreme Dragon God Body, the dragon roared in his body, his blood was boiling and burning, and outside the sky, the Canglong star was about to move.


Just one punch, this punch wrapped in the coercion of the supreme astrology, shattered all the moon wheels that reversed the universe.


Zhuge Qingyun turned pale with shock, spat out a mouthful of blood, and retreated several steps.

“Tianxuanzi’s apprentice really knows nothing but sneak attack!”

Lin Yun took a step forward and rose into the air. The pressure of the Holy Lord was released, and his cultivation and physical strength merged. He was furious, like a living dragon.

“What’s going on?”

Zhuge Qingyun wanted to retreat, but found that under the cover of Longwei, his body became extremely stiff.

It shouldn’t be, even if he breaks through the Holy Venerable, he shouldn’t have such coercion.


Unable to allow him to think too much, Lin Yun grabbed his shoulder with five fingers, blood spattered instantly, and five holes appeared on his shoulder.

Chi Chi!

Lin Yun’s five fingers were like sharp blades, and they slashed down along the shoulders. In an instant, the flesh and blood were separated, and even the bones were scratched.

“You want to save my junior brother’s life to humiliate my master? Well, I will do what you want!”

The cold light in Lin Yun’s eyes went wild, and before the opponent could react, he shot and bombarded the opponent one after another.

Bang bang bang bang!

Zhuge Qingyun was bombarded to keep retreating, his holy source foundation was broken and attacked, and soon he fell from the holy king to the holy king, and from the holy king to the realm of life and death.


The moment the holy source was shattered, Zhuge Qingyun’s cultivation base was completely abolished, the dragon veins were cut off, and all meridians were completely destroyed.

In this life, I can only be a useless person who cannot practice martial arts.

This scene happened in the blink of an eye, and the others didn’t have time to react. When they woke up, they were all frightened.

“I am invincible in the realm of the Holy One!”

Lin Yun soared into the sky and joined the battle in Yantian Peak. He singled out the holy venerables to attack, and soon attracted more than a dozen holy venerables.

Relying on the Supreme Dragon God Body to defeat the crowd, he did not fall into the slightest disadvantage, but occasionally shot out a few sword lights.

The monks of Xuantianzong’s holy realm were directly and severely injured. After fighting like this for more than 30 moves, more than half of the monks of Xuantianzong’s holy monarch were killed or injured.

He came back from the sky, met the gods, kings, and ancestors. He is no longer what he used to be, and his strength and background are far beyond those of these people.

Just like slaughtering chickens and dogs, the ghosts who killed these holy venerables cried and howled, and the dozen or so holy venerables who fought with him in a quarter of an hour were either dead or miserable.

Such a **** and cruel scene frightened the remaining holy kings and holy venerables in the Xuantianzong camp to the point where they lost all will to fight.

With a glance of Lin Yun’s gaze, the group of people turned around and ran away, without even the courage to look directly at them.

“I’m going to fight at Chixiao Peak, please clean up the battlefield!”

Lin Yun cupped his hands and said to Ye Ziling and the others, and then formed a seal with both hands, and three thousand silk cloths bathed in holy radiance soared up, condensing into a supreme blue dragon that can control the wind and thunder.

Everyone looked at the Holy Lord and Holy Monarch who had been killed and maimed by Lin Yun, as if they were in a dream, and they woke up like a dream when they saw Lin Yun riding the blue dragon into the sky.

“Congratulations to the funerary dude!”

“Congratulations to the funerary dude!”

“Congratulations to the funerary dude!”

They bowed their hands in salute from the bottom of their hearts, Gongsun Yan and other saints were also extremely excited, and each of them clasped their hands and shouted loudly.

This is the demeanor of the buried dude, and this is the glory of their sword sect.

For a while, the mountains trembled, and all reverberated to mourn the funeral of the playboy.

“Hahahaha, Mr. Funeral, you are finally here. The old man held his breath just to see you again, you are finally here, hahaha, the old man will die in peace.”

“Remember to tell Yaoguang old man, this old man will not regret cultivating the flesh body in this life, let alone protecting Yaoguang for him!”

On Zixiao Peak, the great sage Long Yun, who had one against six, saw Lin Yun riding the blue dragon, and he couldn’t help laughing, the laughter was full of relief and boundless pride.

The faces of the six people who fought with him changed drastically.

If a great sage fights with them with the heart of mortal death, at least three or five can be buried with them, especially a great sage whose body is sanctified.

“This old man…”

Lin Yun’s head is big, above the head of the Canglong dragon, he turned his head and said: “Whoever kills you, whoever kills you, don’t die, take the gun!”


A golden light pierced through the air from Lin Yun’s hand, and it was only when the Great Sage Long Yun caught it that he realized that it was the Golden Lotus Spear of the Buddha Emperor.

The body of the Buddha Emperor Golden Lotus Spear is an ancient sacred tree growing the Buddha Emperor Golden Lotus.

The moment Long Yun held it in his hand, he immediately felt the majestic vitality coming from it, as well as many Buddhist saints.

He seems to be bathing in the holy pool shrouded in Buddha’s light, his body glows with new life, and his vitality is surging.

Not only does it not have the dying image just now, but it looks like it has been reborn, and its strength has been greatly increased.

This caught the Great Sage Long Yun by surprise. He had long been determined to die, and his emotions had been brewing for a long time.

Just to die!

Even the words have been spoken, and the emotions and atmosphere are all up, but now it’s better, not only can’t die, but also reborn from the ashes like a phoenix nirvana.

I NM… this is really embarrassing.

Still dead or not?


Under the waving of the Buddha Emperor’s Golden Lotus Spear, a great sage who made a shot was directly sent flying.

Grand Sage Long Yun roared immediately: “You little bastard, how dare you bully the little with more? Your grandpa Long Yun is here!”

The situation was reversed in an instant.

Lin Yun breathed a sigh of relief, but when he looked up, his expression changed drastically.

Seeing a purple-gold dragon descending from the sky ~Soverse.com~, it was the Great Sage Fuguang who saw Su Ziyao showing his sharpness, and manipulated the dragon soul to attack Su Ziyao with the Emperor Dragon Order.

“Who dares to bully my wife!”

Lin Yun on the Canglong was exposed, he didn’t care about many people soaring into the air, and grabbed it with one hand.

The wrath of the blue dragon!

Two divine patterns appeared in the palm of his hand, and an incomparably huge dragon claw appeared from the air. In front of everyone, it strangled the neck of the mighty purple-gold dragon.

Su Ziyao looked up, just in time to see Lin Yun’s gaze coming down, the moment the two eyes met, they looked at each other and smiled, full of pride and endless sweetness.

Husband and wife are of the same heart, even if they die in this battle today, what regrets do they have!

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