#175 Everlasting Chapter 5415: Demon species


The latest website: “These are the three great emperors, and they are definitely not enough.” Chen Feng felt that his will had been cultivated to such a level. Although he was at a disadvantage in the confrontation with the great emperor, it was not like other Hunyuan warriors. It collapsed at the first touch.

Soon Chen Feng saw a transparent silk screen coming out of thin air, trying to cover himself. Chen Feng had some differences. What kind of attack was this?

It doesn’t seem to come from will, nor does it come from other power attacks. It seems a bit illusory, but I know that once I am enveloped, it will definitely be very troublesome.

A flame emerged from Chen Feng’s head, taking on the appearance of a monster with fangs and claws, trying to tear the transparent stockings into pieces.

Who would have known that the transparent silk screen suddenly shrank and enveloped the flame monster. With a sizzling sound, the flame monster turned into energy and disappeared.

This silk screen once again covered Chen Feng, making Chen Feng slightly passive and suppressing the opponent’s will.

Seeing the silk screen in front of him, Chen Feng had no choice but to wave his fist, trying to blow the opponent up.

Who knew that this time the silk screen became very illusory and penetrated directly into Chen Feng’s body, so Chen Feng felt the all-pervasive power of restraint trying to restrain his own power.

“This kind of attack is really special.” Chen Feng experienced it carefully, then his heart exploded with great force, and the powerful force collided back and forth in the body. The binding force that affected Chen Feng was completely eliminated in an instant. .

Although it is said that this special method has been solved, Chen Feng has to admit that this method is indeed useful, especially in the process of fighting with the opponent. If he suddenly says this, it may really change the entire battle.

For example, Chen Feng was suppressed by the opponent’s will, almost causing Chen Feng to be injured.

The same opponent did not expect Chen Feng to resolve the attack of the silk screen so quickly. However, the opponent’s attack was still lingering, trying to cover Chen Feng’s will. At the same time, the transparent silk screen appeared again.

On the other side, the second generation also encountered the same situation as Chen Feng. Sure enough, the second generation’s aura fluctuated violently, but fortunately, he also managed to cope with it.

Just when Chen Feng and Er Er were fighting each other, the space in Guixu suddenly exploded, and the billowing energy began to rush and crowd the Tianshen area.

This is like a direct invasion from Origin, and now Guixu has also begun to use its power to cover this area.

“Sure enough, Guixu intervened, and it seemed to be in a big way, so the remaining forces obviously reached an agreement with Guixu.” Chen Feng could feel that Guixu was not taking advantage of the situation this time.

The opponent obviously had a premeditated plan, but Chen Feng tried his best to block a great emperor. When Chen Feng came down, he had fulfilled his responsibility, and the second generation was able to entangle a great emperor from the opponent.

And with the hundreds of Hunyuan under his command, plus the Gate of Time and Space and others, even two more emperors can stop him.

Besides, there is the God of Nothingness and the Earth of Mind, who can deal with two opponents of the same level, and even multiple emperors.

So Chen Feng is a little curious. If his own side can withstand so much power, and coupled with the stronger God area, how strong is the opponent this time?

After thinking about it, Chen Feng became more cautious, and at the same time he also informed others not to rush to the front so early.

But Chen Feng was still secretly communicating with the Origin Gate, wanting to seek its opinion.

Origin Gate must be aware of the huge commotion happening here. Maybe Origin Gate will make some calculations behind the scenes and gain some benefits.

It’s just that the Gate of Origin didn’t respond, and Chen Feng didn’t have much energy to communicate.

The will of the Chen Feng in front of him is getting stronger and stronger. Under the continuous attacks, Chen Feng is exhausted to deal with, not to mention the opponent’s special methods that are similar to death.

Although Chen Feng came here as a guest, he has now become a forward, which also shows Chen Feng’s general sincerity.

However, the portal and the killing weapon were indeed looming, and they did not rush to the front because they were looking for a better opportunity and then gave Chen Feng a fatal blow.

Both the God of Nothingness and the Emperor of Mind also did not take action. The reason is very simple. The emperor in the opponent has not shown up yet, and the emperor in the God area has not been dispatched either, so it is better to wait a little longer.

Sure enough, the development of the matter was as Chen Feng had guessed. Attacks also broke out in other places in the Tianshen area, and this time it was the Emperor’s aura that rose up. It was the Emperor who took the initiative to participate in the battle from the beginning.

Then came the second area and the third direction, all attacks broke out.

The two sides soon started fighting.

Some of the great emperors who were still in charge in the Tianshen area began to appear.

Not only has the pressure on Chen Feng not weakened, but it has become even more difficult due to the influx of Guixu forces.

When these forces reach a certain level, the opponent’s hundreds of Hunyuan warriors will begin to truly charge into battle.

Then there was a collision with Chen Feng’s Hunyuan Shang. Dozens of Hunyuan Shang in the Tianshen area not far away were fighting with a group of battle puppets that suddenly appeared.

These battle puppets looked different, but there was a person behind them controlling them. This gave Chen Feng a familiar feeling. However, before he could go to investigate, the Emperor, who had been having a battle of wills with him, suddenly rushed over. before.

The other party no longer wanted to tangle with Chen Feng and wanted to deal with Chen Feng in close combat. This scene made Chen Feng almost laugh out loud.

To be honest, my willpower is considered a weak point. Since the other party is willing to fight in close quarters, it is in line with Chen Feng’s wishes.

The two sides had already fought, and Chen Feng discovered that the physical body of this great emperor was very powerful, and the opponent was also very good at close combat.

“No wonder you choose melee combat. You have such strength, or maybe you don’t take me seriously at all.” Chen Feng thought like this, and then a dazzling golden light burst out, and the whole person’s aura became stronger and stronger. With the increase, coupled with the Spear of Destiny in his hand, Chen Feng was not at a disadvantage.

“I didn’t expect that I would be able to fight a great emperor head-on so soon.” Chen Feng was a little emotional. In fact, Chen Feng could do this in the past, but he was beaten back by the opponent after a few hits. Now Chen Feng You can even get the upper hand.

And it’s not yet time to go all out. Chen Feng also wants to see how strong the opponent is and get some benefits from his opponent.

And it’s not that Chen Feng doesn’t have killer moves. He needs the right opportunity to use them.

Soon, a strong battle erupted from the Second World War, and the opponent also came to the front.

However, the confrontation here is somewhat detrimental to the God area, because it will cause the God area to continuously collapse.

Perhaps some other Hunyuan superiors will be suppressed when entering these areas, but for the emperor, this is not a problem at all.

“The other party has already dispatched eight Chen Feng. This is just the beginning. I think there will be the same number of Chen Feng in the center.” The second generation suddenly sent a message to Chen Feng.

“It sounds a bit scary, but even if there are so many Chen Feng, I’m afraid they won’t be able to win the God area.” Chen Feng quickly calculated again and said.

“Maybe it’s just a regular attack, maybe the opponent will retreat soon. Of course, this is only one of the possibilities. The greater possibility is that the opponent has a more powerful force hidden in the secret.” II said.

Chen Feng and Second World were communicating, and suddenly the two came together. Second World used a special magical power to entangle the two opponents in a short time, while Chen Feng waved the Spear of Destiny fiercely. stabbed an emperor.

The Spear of Destiny was originally a killing weapon at the original level, posing a fatal threat to Chen Feng.

What’s more, Chen Feng also stored some of the power of the Virtual and Real Emperor in the Spear of Destiny.

On the one hand, Chen Feng was unable to absorb the complete changes in power in a short period of time. On the other hand, Chen Feng also wanted to retain some of his power and use it at critical moments.

This opportunity has arrived.

It could have caused three points of damage, but after the power of Emperor Xu Shi exploded, the damage caused was directly doubled.

This emperor was penetrated through the body.

Chen Feng’s sudden outburst was shocking, and it also attracted a bunch of looks.

And Chen Feng also immediately realized that there was a master in the other party who had not shown up, because the other party had fluctuated due to his outburst.

“What a pity.” Chen Feng wanted to continue attacking, but was dodged by the opponent. He thought that if his power was stronger and he could entangle the opponent, then he would wave the Spear of Destiny and give the opponent more. A few hits, but it is really possible to kill the opponent, or at least severely damage it.

Although it penetrated the opponent’s body just now, it did not achieve the effect Chen Feng expected.

“Actually, it’s not bad~Soverse.com~The opponent’s combat effectiveness has been affected.” The second generation was somewhat satisfied.

I didn’t expect to severely damage my opponent, but the current result is already very good.

The two cooperated, and the second generation once again used various magical powers to create opportunities for Chen Feng, but his opponent quickly adjusted and used his strengths to avoid weaknesses, giving Chen Feng no chance to be stabbed by the spear of fate.

“What a pity!”

This is Chen Feng’s trump card. He originally thought he could seize the opportunity to severely damage his opponent, but now it seems that he thought too well.

“But I also have the power to protect myself.” Chen Feng also noticed that although it was difficult to stab the opponent again, the opponent did not dare to get too close to Chen Feng for fear of being stabbed by Chen Feng.

“If the true form of Emperor Xu Shi appears, wouldn’t it be possible to easily sweep away these great emperors?” Chen Feng had this thought again, and felt more and more that Emperor Xu Shi was too powerful to compete.

“It can’t be that they used some method on me during the previous confrontation. It’s similar to something like the demon seed. Otherwise, why would I always have such thoughts?” Chen Feng had a thought and thought deep in his mind. A sword, a sweeping sweep, and part of his thoughts were torn into pieces.


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