#175 Everlasting Chapter 5359: In crisis


Then Chen Feng was horrified to see the body of the God of Nothingness begin to disappear little by little, until his will completely disappeared.

“Something’s wrong, the opponent’s strength has become too strong, run away.” Finally, Chen Feng received the fluctuation of the will of the God of Nothingness.




Chen Feng began to work hard, fully mobilizing his own power, and integrating everyone’s power as much as possible to explode.

Inadvertently, the power is out of control.

Chen Feng was blown back repeatedly. Seeing Chen Feng’s desperate efforts, the emperor also distanced himself warily.

However, there is a gap in strength between the two sides. Even if you try your best, it will be useless. Fortunately, the old man in the spirit realm and the God of Nothingness disappeared together. Otherwise, under the attack of these two great emperors, Chen Feng would have been unable to escape even if he wanted to. question.

And the departure of the old man in the spiritual realm is not necessarily a good thing. Maybe God of Nothingness will be solved soon.

After thinking of this, Chen Feng became even more anxious.

If I had known that I would encounter this kind of situation when entering Guixu, I would have never come in at all.

But when you think about your opponent being an old man in the spirit realm, no matter where you are, the opponent may hunt you.

“Trouble, the Gate of Origin hasn’t come over yet.”


Chen Feng was suddenly attacked, and deep wounds appeared on his body.

“Now is not the time to be distracted, but your physical body is really strong. I am not willing to kill you now. Maybe I can refine you into my clone.” The emperor said.

“You are not the first to have this idea.” Chen Feng said.

“Fellow Taoist Changtian, just use whatever means you have, we will provide you with mana cultivation.” Someone shouted anxiously.

It’s not that these Hunyuan ones are not strong enough, but that their opponents are too strong.

“Who can deal with the power of deception?” Chen Feng quickly explained the situation of the old man in the spiritual realm.

Chen Feng didn’t have much hope at first, he just wanted to give it a try.

Who knows, someone might still respond.

“I have a supernatural power that I can try.”

“Okay, in that case, you take the lead.” Chen Feng first attacked with all his strength, and then exchanged positions with this Hunyuan Shang.

Then this Hunyuan master used a magical power, which actually stirred up the power of deception.

“Okay, it works, continue.” Chen Feng’s eyes lit up, and he rushed out quickly. With Chen Feng, there were dozens of Hunyuan and above.

The power of the Creation Formation is divided into two. In this case, the pressure on Chen Feng’s side will become stronger. After all, the opponent is a great emperor.

The Hunyuan Shang continued to display his magical powers, only to see the space rippling continuously until the God of Nothingness rushed out.

Seeing this scene, Chen Feng was even more surprised. He didn’t expect it to be effective. He didn’t know what kind of magical power the other party used. It was just that his own strength was slightly weaker. If the strength was equal, then it would be the spiritual realm old man’s. Nemesis.

“Okay, continue to use this power.” God of Nothingness said, and then took the initiative to rush towards the old man in the spiritual realm.

After a melee, the two Hunyuan Shangzhang who had been there before were also rescued by the God of Nothingness.

In this way, Chen Feng felt more at ease, and at the same time, he informed the God of Nothingness that he must protect the Hunyuan Superior, who was the key to dealing with the old man in the spirit realm.

At this time, news came from the Great Spiritual Emperor. Chen Feng was reassured and knew that the crisis was about to be resolved.



An extremely powerful force appeared almost out of thin air. Chen Feng was originally fighting against the great emperor, but he had no strength to resist it this time.

So I was recruited from it. Although the power in my body was instinctively released, my body still began to collapse.

“The power of reality is the real emperor.” Chen Feng had long thought about how his enemy would appear, but he did not expect that the other party would not only attack in a sneak attack, but also join forces to carry out a sneak attack.

The Avenue of Life roared crazily, and the Law of Life spread all over Chen Feng’s body, but the power of reality kept eroding Chen Feng’s body.

The power of reality is also a very difficult force to deal with.

The real emperor is the strongest emperor Chen Feng has ever seen besides the Gate of Origin.

“It’s over. I won’t die this time.” Chen Feng had this thought.

“Looking for death.”

The power of the soul continued to vibrate, blocking further attacks from the real emperor. Some of the Hunyuan superiors led by Chen Feng were injured, and some began to fight desperately, temporarily entangled the other emperor.


At this moment, the Real Emperor used a magical power to act on Chen Feng. The next moment, a vortex appeared and Chen Feng disappeared.

The Spiritual Emperor arrived shortly after. At this time, the Spiritual Emperor was full of fighting spirit, which was a little different from before. After arriving, he attacked the real Emperor non-stop.

“Old rival, have you recovered your strength?” the Great Spirit asked coldly.

The original incarnation of the real emperor was beheaded, which was considered a serious loss of vitality. The spiritual emperor was surprised to show up so soon, but secretly attacking some juniors was also despising.

“I think Changtian will be fine.” The Great Mind Emperor still believed in Chen Feng, but now is not the time to think about this. Now that an old opponent has appeared, can he find an opportunity to kill him?

It might be a little difficult in Guixu.

The Spiritual Emperor and the Real Emperor fought for many rounds, and for a while they were neck and neck. Finally, the Gate of Origin appeared.

The moment the Gate of Origin appeared, the old man in the spirit realm chose to leave.

“It’s not that easy to leave.” The God of Nothingness cooperated with the Hunyuan Shang who used special magical powers, and finally got some clues. How could he let the other party leave?

However, the old man in the spiritual realm wanted to leave, and the God of Nothingness could not stop him. After a little entanglement, he disappeared.

Even the real emperor and another unknown emperor disappeared quietly.

The Gate of Origin did not solve the Great Emperor like before, which shows that it does not have this power.

“Be careful.” The Great Mind Emperor said and left.

“Don’t you worry about Changtian.” God of Nothingness couldn’t help but ask.

“It’s useless to worry. We are being targeted by Guixu, and we don’t have the extra strength to look for Changtian.” The voice of the Great Spiritual Emperor came.

Seeing that the Gate of Origin had also left, God of Nothingness could not help but shake his head and began to use his own methods to find Chen Feng.

But this time, the God of Nothingness did not find Chen Feng, not even a trace.

If it were in other places, the God of Nothingness would not be worried, but this was Guixu, and it was taken away by a great emperor. Now that the real emperor has left again, might he have already started to deal with Chen Feng.

The God of Nothingness became worried.

“I can’t find Chen Feng, so let’s go find the Real Emperor and the others.” The God of Nothingness was also furious, and after making up his mind, he disappeared.

It is very risky for the God of Nothingness to do this. After all, the opponent is different and very strong. He might be ambushed by the other party.

“I knew it was a hidden danger, but it’s a pity that I didn’t kill them at the beginning.” The God of Nothingness sighed.

“What to do!”

The second generation and the White Mirror Swordsman looked at each other. Without Chen Feng, they really didn’t know where to go next.

However, there are many Hunyuan above present, and they are also a considerable force.

But this is Guixu, and the Great Emperor is hiding in the dark. These practitioners who have reached the pinnacle of life have become prey.

“It’s very dangerous here. We must not act separately.” Someone put forward this suggestion and it was recognized by everyone.

“This fellow Taoist, you are the strongest, you can take command.” Someone looked at the second generation.

After all, the second generation had previously exploded with strength that was close to that of the Great Emperor. Since Chen Feng is not here, strength will naturally prevail.

“That’s fine!”

The second agreed.

At this time, everyone was still thinking that Chen Feng would come back soon.

And where did Chen Feng go?

Chen Feng was first seriously injured, and then was struck by a great emperor’s banishing magical power. Even Chen Feng, who had seen strong winds and waves, was a little panicked.

I thought that I would probably fall into the trap prepared by the opponent.

This is the fact. Although there are some deviations, Chen Feng is indeed in trouble.

After Chen Feng struggled to break the power acting on him, he discovered that the place he was in was an origin.

The broken origins in Guixu.

It is naturally a good thing to encounter the broken origin of one party before the battle, but it is different now. Since it was exiled by the other party, it is not a benefit to oneself.

There must be something wrong with this origin.

When Chen Feng had such an idea, before he had time to explore it, countless threads landed in a turbulent way.

It seemed light and airy, but Chen Feng felt strong pressure.

This is a silk thread formed after energy solidification, and it is not as simple as a simple thread. It also contains some laws, such as binding, viscosity, blockade, suppression, etc.

“This is not like a broken origin, but more like a complete origin. So am I in Guixu now, or outside Guixu?” Chen Feng couldn’t figure out where he was for a while. Location.

“Then you should be able to leave by using the Copy Law.” Chen Feng thought to himself.

However, Chen Feng did not use the Copy Law immediately. After all, the Copy Law cannot exert its full power now, and the opponent may not have the time to use it.

A thread has already fallen on Chen Feng, just a little thread, but Chen Feng feels like he is contending with the entire origin.


As soon as Chen Feng exerted his strength, these threads broke one after another, but more and stronger threads appeared.

Chen Feng had an idea and restrained his strength slightly. Although the thread was still falling, Chen Feng could feel the difference. ~Soverse.com~ It did get a little weaker.

“Then give it a try, although it’s a bit risky.” Chen Feng must have a certain degree of confidence in the real emperor to get him. I’m afraid it will be difficult for him to rush out in the first place, so he might as well try hiding some strength and see. See how the situation develops.

Then Chen Feng was sealed, densely packed and layered, turning Chen Feng into a cocoon.

“Don’t worry, I can leave at any time when the copying law is restored.” Chen Feng thought to himself.

After waiting for a while, he found that there was no other way to attack, so Chen Feng began to cultivate the Law of Sacrifice and Refining Copy with all his strength.

Prepare the means of escape first, and then do other things.


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