#175 Everlasting Chapter 5168: The Emperor of Chaos



Seeing this scene, Chen Feng was very surprised. Being able to force such an expert to such a degree shows that the pressure brought by the opponent makes people feel lifeless.


The strength of the one who blew himself up is considered to be the top among Hunyuan, and in terms of his own cultivation, he even surpassed Chen Feng.


It’s really emotional to blew up like this.


However, the opponent’s self-detonation caused a lot of commotion, and it also solved the opponent, tearing a hole, which brought some vitality to others.


Of course, this powerful existence that exploded itself may not be completely wiped out, and some of its strength must have escaped.


It’s just hard to say whether I can practice again in the future.


“Can you rush out?” Chen Feng asked.


“No problem at all, you should say how many opponents you can kill.” Said the ancestor of the virtual beast.


Chen Feng smiled, if he could sweep all directions without any scruples, he would not break out of the encirclement like now, but come and kill as many as possible.


However, as the three continued to erupt, those chaotic void lives and phantoms really couldn’t resist.




A violent collision came, the huge body of the ancestor of the virtual beast retreated again and again, Chen Feng shrank his eyes, and the wings of the gods behind him quickly flapped, but they were still swept by the powerful impact.


It is conceivable that he can repel the ancestor of the virtual beast, and he must be a master of this level.


These two collided, and the force generated was too much for Chen Feng.


However, what worried Chen Feng the most was that such a master appeared among his opponents.




Chen Feng continued to burn resources, swung the long sword in his hand, and the sword energy domain perfectly enveloped himself.


It was only then that the Void God made a move, and countless silk-like laws stretched out, covering a chaotic void life.


As a result, the opponent’s strength was extremely strong, breaking these threads in an instant.


However, the ancestor of the Void Beast has come to his senses and defeated the opponent with an attack.


Just when the two wanted to join forces to deal with each other, several chaotic void life forms joined forces to stop them.


“The Emperor of Chaos.” The Void God roared.


“Old friend, stay safe.” The most powerful chaotic void life came out, suppressing a large number of chaotic void life forms present with his own strength alone.


If you say that the previous Chaotic Void beings are the best among the Hunyuan, then the one in front of you has already transcended this realm.


This is an existence at the same level as the Void God, and it seems that the Void God has suffered in the hands of the other party before.


“I thought you were no longer in the void area. If so, then die here.” The Void God roared, and the aura on his body rose again.


“It’s just a defeated general. It’s your luck that you didn’t kill you before, but this is the ancestor of the virtual beast. I heard that it was suppressed. How did this come out? Fellow Daoist, I hope you don’t participate in this Something.” The Chaos Emperor looked at the ancestor of the virtual beast and said.


Although the chaotic emperor also saw Chen Feng, he didn’t take Chen Feng seriously.


Obviously, Chen Feng and them are not on the same level.


“Hey, another existence at the level of a spiritual emperor.” Chen Feng sighed secretly.


“Presumptuous, what qualifications do you have to dare to talk to me like this.” The ancestor of the Void Beast seemed a little angry, and joined hands with the Void God to charge forward.


It seems simple and rude, but it actually contains the law of the void and the supernatural powers cultivated for many years, even the Emperor of Chaos would not dare to accept it.


But the Emperor of Chaos is not alone, there are countless Chaotic Void beings around him, and the torrent generated by the joint efforts is enough to tear all the masters to pieces.




Chen Feng continued to burn resources while exercising his swordsmanship. Fortunately, Chen Feng obtained enough resources, otherwise he would really be reluctant to burn like this.


However, the power obtained after burning these newly obtained resources is not as easy to control as the resources collected before, but the power is a bit wasted, and it is a pity that Chen Feng cannot concentrate his power to attack the opponent.


However, Chen Feng also knew that this was due to his lack of cultivation. The Ancestor of the Void Beast and the Void God were much stronger than himself. Now that they are joining hands to deal with the Chaos Emperor, part of the resources have been burned.


However, what made Chen Feng curious was that the two of them hadn’t used that magical ability to melt everything for a while.


According to Chen Feng’s guess, such a powerful method must not be used without any scruples, otherwise it would be invincible.


“I think I also studied the art of fusion at the beginning, and I also mastered a lot of powerful plastic forces, but I have involved too many things, and I can’t take care of them all in terms of practice.”


It’s actually quite normal for Chen Feng to do this, after all, cultivation is the most important thing, and Chen Feng never thought that he would encounter so many powerful beings one after another.


After all, Chen Feng is almost invincible in the same realm.


In addition to mastering the law of the void, these masters in front of them are also at a higher level than Chen Feng, and there are more of them. Chen Feng’s own strength is really not enough.


Even if it is tempering, even if there is a breakthrough, you can’t reach the sky in one step and surpass your opponent in one fell swoop.


What Chen Feng has to do is to block as many opponents as possible, and buy time for the ancestor of the virtual beast and the void god.


As long as the Emperor of Chaos can be repelled, the three of them can leave at once.


However, watching the two sides fight, Chen Feng still feels that the situation is not optimistic.


First of all, all three exist at the same level. Even if two-on-one has the upper hand, it is still very difficult to seriously injure the other party, or it cannot be done in a short time.


What’s more, Void God has not recovered to its peak state, and even if it recovers to the strength of the year, it is not the opponent of Chaos Emperor. Besides, Chaos Emperor became stronger during the time Void God was injured.


What’s more, there are countless chaotic void life forms joining forces to unleash the chaotic torrent.


The battle between the two sides seems to be very dynamic, and it seems that the Emperor of Chaos is a bit at a disadvantage, but in fact it is not a serious problem, and if it continues, the situation may be reversed.


So Chen Feng is also secretly preparing means, but it’s a pity that most of the means can’t be used, and now he can only move secretly, trying to release some power.


It’s just that Chen Feng hasn’t had time to come up with a means yet, and another powerful existence is about to appear.


It was a phantom who came with a strong sneak attack technique, and the sneak attack actually injured the ancestor of the virtual beast.


“Void Shadow King, you are here too, are you here to die?” The ancestor of the Void Beast calmed down after being injured, and launched a counterattack but it didn’t work.


“Hey, another existence at the level of a spiritual emperor. If he attacked me just now, I’m afraid I would be seriously injured.” Chen Feng was also taken aback.


I didn’t expect the situation to get worse and worse. This is really troublesome.


Needless to say, Chen Feng tried his best to fend off more opponents.


But it’s useless at all, Chen Feng’s burst of strength at this moment is only so strong.


“The power of Origin can only be used if we give up some resources, but that would be too unwilling.” Chen Feng sighed in his heart, knowing that he would have to give up something if he went on like this.


Under such circumstances, even if the ancestors of the virtual beasts use their strongest magical powers again, it will be useless.


Besides, Chen Feng has something more to worry about, whether there will be another existence of the same level in the future.


If there is another one, the Void God and the Void God will be really dangerous.


“Two fellow daoists, let’s get out.” Chen Feng secretly sent a message.


At this time, there was also an attack that wanted to drown Chen Feng, and Chen Feng resisted with all his strength. The long sword in his hand was constantly bursting out with all his strength. Chen Feng’s desperate fighting style blocked many opponents.


“What can you do?” Void God asked.


“I’ll use some methods later, I can’t guarantee whether it will be successful or not. The two fellow daoists will seize the opportunity.” Chen Feng said.


The next moment, Chen Feng released the copying rule.


This time is different from before, Chen Feng really came up with the copying law.


The two Hunyuan suppressed in the copying law also burned, providing stronger power to the copying law.


Chen Feng disappeared in the next moment, but the law of replication has not been taken away. Seeing Chen Feng disappear, those chaotic void lives and phantoms immediately followed the law of replication, and some of them even activated against the law of replication. attacked.




The Void God and the ancestor of the Void Beast didn’t expect Chen Feng to have such a means at this time, but they also knew that the opportunity was rare, so these two also worked hard, releasing one after another divine thunder, not only that, but also a The law of the void.


The law of the void is also different this time, but covers all the areas present, and then the law of the void also burns.


The powerful force generated briefly repelled the two powerful opponents, and the next moment, it also came to the front of the copying law, and directly got into the law.


“Where to run.”


“Good stuff, stay here.”


The Emperor of Chaos and the Void Shadow King were shocked, they didn’t expect that humble little guy to come up with such a trick.


And this kind of method is really too strong, these two well-informed people have never encountered it before.


This is an existence beyond the void.


But because Chen Feng’s strength is not strong enough, these two masters saw hope and wanted to **** this rule from Chen Feng.




Chen Feng has already rushed out, but he still waits for the Void God and the ancestor of the Void Beast, otherwise Chen Feng can put away the law and leave now.


Soon there were two phantoms that appeared.


This made Chen Feng’s face a little ugly, but he still urged the power of the law of replication to restrain the two phantoms.


In this way, the power of the law of replication will also be affected. ~Soverse.com~ Then another chaotic void life rushed out, and Chen Feng quickly slashed the opponent with his sword.


Then the Void God appeared, directly blasting the chaotic void life, and then the ancestor of the void beast rushed out with chaotic energy.




Chen Feng shouted, and then put away the copying rule.


It’s just that it’s not so easy this time, the law of copying is bound by a powerful force, and it can’t be collected for a while.


Chen Feng is a little anxious, if he loses the copying law, then he would rather not have what he just gained.


“Don’t panic.”


Just as Chen Feng collected the copying law, the Void God and the ancestor of the Void Beast also broke out and collided with the pursuers. Chen Feng only felt that the copying law was loose, and quickly put it away.


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