#175 Everlasting Chapter 5000: Have confidence



Next, Chen Feng continued to use the technique of devouring, and the powerful devouring power that erupted made even the ancestor Shuiyue beside him feel shocked.


I didn’t expect Chen Feng to have such a violent supernatural power.


This is of course not as simple as the swallowing technique that Chen Feng himself cultivated, and then Chen Feng used the power of the vortex origin.


The power between the two merged, and an unprecedented devouring power naturally erupted.


You must know that this is the origin of the connecting party. Even if there is a real origin in front of the party, some can’t bear the plundering of Chen Feng.


Under such continuous devouring, Chen Feng finally caught up with the opponent.


At this time, the two sides are fighting.


Looking at the powerful force generated by the opponent’s battle, Chen Feng’s eyes showed surprise.


It’s so close to me, and the two sides are fighting so much noise, that I can’t accurately lock the other side’s position. There are too many things involved.


It seems that the two of them did not deliberately restrain their strength, but every move, the surrounding time and space are changing.


In this case, even if the two are separated by a line of distance, if the film cannot be broken, they still cannot find the other.


“The level involved is too high. I understand a little bit, but I can’t grasp it.” Ancestor Shuiyue said with some envy. This is a higher level existence than himself, and it is too desirable.


So after Shuiyue Ancestor came here, he felt that he had gained a lot from just witnessing the battle between the two sides.


This time it didn’t come in vain, even if I got any energy or magic weapon, it didn’t come to reality in front of my eyes.


Ancestor Shuiyue felt that he was a little touched, and there was also some loosening in his cultivation and mana. This was an indirect change.


Chen Feng is in the same situation as Patriarch Shuiyue, and is also carefully observing the battle between the two sides.


In addition to wanting to experience something, Chen Feng also wanted to see what kind of existence that life was.


As for the two powerful beings from the origin of light, it is not unusual. Although it is said that they have never seen such appearances, it is not much different from the evolution between the origins.


It’s just an existence similar to the Gate of Time and Space.


In any case, this is also a very powerful being, at least stronger than Chen Feng, otherwise, Bright Origin would not send an existence of the same level to catch up.


Besides, judging from the situation in the previous battle, even if it was a two-on-one match, there was no winner.


What Chen Feng is curious about is that even if the other party wants to make a move, he can act on his own.


There is also an opponent who does not belong to the origin of light, and exists outside the origin at that time, but the place where the same opponent is located is a void space.


So Chen Feng guessed that there are other origins not far away?


Other or similar to the time and space of origin.


Such a powerful being is near the origin of light, secretly making some noises, and if the other party has no purpose, no one will believe it.


It’s best if you can understand these guesses. If you can’t find out, then it doesn’t matter to Chen Feng.


What Chen Feng has to do is to get some benefits from the situation in front of him, and he may take action next.


Watching from a distance and going up to fight in person are two different feelings. Although it is a little dangerous, Chen Feng believes that with the long sword in his hand and the motivation of Origin, he should be able to fight with the opponent.


The two sides are still at war, and Chen Feng and Shuiyue ancestors are getting more and more involved, giving birth to countless insights from time to time.


Although this is not a real life confrontation, the opponent’s strength should be higher than his own, which is not a grade.


Next, Chen Feng and Shuiyue ancestors will step into this level. Now that they know in advance, it will be of great benefit to the next practice.


It’s not so easy to watch the fun here, and the power fluctuations of the war between the two sides quickly swept over.


The way to succeed, this is the other party’s intention. After all, at the beginning, although they said that they were constantly emitting power fluctuations, the two of them couldn’t sense it.


Now the power fluctuation has become real, and it is still sweeping in the direction of the two.


Obviously this was intentional.


“Don’t you want us to watch it?” Chen Feng laughed.


The two of them not only want to watch, but also plan to participate in and get a piece of the pie.


So Chen Feng didn’t dodge, and directly created a huge vortex. No matter how strong the power fluctuations swept in front of him, they were all collected by the huge vortex.


Each time Chen Feng casts the art of swallowing, he has a feeling of wanting to swallow everything, especially as the art of swallowing becomes stronger and stronger, coupled with the origin of the vortex, Chen Feng even thinks about facing the future On some Hunyuan Jinxian and Hunyuan, this method alone can solve the other party.


Originally, the Shuiyue ancestor was still a little panicked, but he was relieved to see the huge vortex that Chen Feng blocked in front of him.


The picture in front of me is frightening, but standing next to Chen Feng feels very safe.


But that feeling was quickly shattered again.


The two sides of the war suddenly separated, and the other life suddenly appeared in front of them, just like a huge mountain that directly smashed the huge vortex.


At this moment, Chen Feng and Shuiyue ancestor both felt the suffocating pressure, and the next moment they were knocked out.


And in the process of classification, Chen Feng felt that something was wrong. Although he said that he was going backwards, he was in the other party’s domain, or in the other party’s origin.


Chen Feng tried to struggle for a while, and sure enough, he felt the various forces bound to him. It was extremely sticky. Although he was attacking himself, he was also restraining himself, so that he could not leave the space created by the other party. middle.


And Chen Feng also found that looking out from his own perspective, what he saw was no longer the time and space he was familiar with before, but a completely unfamiliar time and space, as well as strange powers with different attributes.


Chen Feng couldn’t even see where Patriarch Shuiyue went, and couldn’t get in touch.


Chen Feng has a certain degree of certainty about his own strength. Even if he falls within the opponent’s territory, Chen is confident to rush out, but the old master Shuiyue is different.


Although Patriarch Shuiyue said he had some means, he was still in the category of Primordial Primordial.


So Chen Feng no longer struggled, but chose to quickly counterattack.


The whirlpool reappeared and began to devour the Quartet. At the same time, there was a force in Chen Feng’s heart, which was also the force of devouring.


Using the power of devouring in both directions at the same time, Chen Feng quickly got rid of the pressure that bound him.


Although there are more forces around like countless threads sweeping over, but Chen Feng quickly disappeared in place.


And Chen Feng did not escape as quickly as the opponent imagined, but took the initiative to rush towards the core of this life.


Only the source of the solution can escape the danger,


Chen Feng knew that the other party was not easy to provoke, but the other party still had two powerful opponents, so Chen Feng chose to tell himself for the other party, which was a wrong idea.


Originally, I was here to watch the fun, but the other party also wanted to leave, but now the situation is different if I participate in the war.


Chen Feng’s power exploded. This time, he didn’t devour the surrounding power like he did before. If the power in his body exploded, it would be compressed into the long sword in his hand.


It was just a simple sweep of the sword, and a long crack appeared in front of him. Even if the opponent kept gathering energy and constantly revising the laws, it would not be able to stop the raging sword energy.


Chen Feng felt more and more that the other party’s IQ was not online. He had clearly used this method before, and the other party knew it when he wanted to come. If so, why did he so carelessly pull himself into the other party’s territory.


Isn’t this making trouble for myself?


Sure enough, Chen Feng felt a strong repulsive force and knew that the other party wanted to throw him away.


“But it’s too late. Since I don’t want me to watch the fun, I just want to see your strength.” Chen Feng moved forward quickly and continued to use his sword.


Soon Chen Feng firmly locked the other party’s direction.


It is indeed a life. This life is nothing in a simple sense. What Chen Feng cares about is the strength of the opponent.


Generally speaking, the cultivation speed of this huge being is relatively slow.


And even after practicing for a long time, it is still inferior to other beings in terms of wisdom.


But the other party opened up the origin.


That’s right, Chen Feng has now confirmed that the origin was created by the other party alone, and it is much stronger than the Tianyuan saint.


Chen Feng felt the ocean-like heritage and the extremely ancient atmosphere from the other party.


Perhaps the other is as old as its origins.


This made Chen Feng have some new ideas. The universe that has existed for tens of billions of years originated from the origin and evolution.


And the time of existence does not know how many kalpas, so at the beginning of the birth of the origin, did other life exist?


If anything ~IndoMTL.com~ the life in front of me might fit this criteria.


“It’s really interesting. This time I have gained a lot of knowledge. Maybe I should call Tianyuan Saint. I think he will be more interested in this life in front of him.” Chen Feng said with a smile.


Since he has seen through the other party, then Chen Feng will understand that he may not be able to keep the other party.


Having cultivated to this point, the opponent really wants to leave, even if he uses all his means, he can’t keep the opponent.


Even if there are two powerful beings with the origin of light, it is useless.


This is not inside the Origin of Light after all.


Unless in the origin of one party, a powerful force is mobilized in advance to contain it, then there is still hope to keep the other party. In this case, the other party can escape even if he is not an opponent.


Now the reason why the opponent stays here to fight and fight is to have confidence in himself.




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