#173 Nine Star Hegemon Body Art Chapter 5821: Go back, you!


The person who took action was none other than Long Chen. Originally, Long Chen didn’t want to take action, but the corpse of a powerful person in the God Queen period was too tempting to Long Chen.

You must know that the corpse of this powerful person in the God Queen stage is not comparable to the corpses of the previous powerful people in the God Queen stage. This person has integrated many laws of heaven and is very powerful.

After decomposing his body, the laws of heaven he integrated will be released in the chaotic space. According to Long Chen’s estimation, if this continues, sooner or later, the chaotic space will grow into a world with complete laws like Jiutian. .

That was a scene that Long Chen couldn’t imagine, but he was full of expectations. If he really did it, then he would be the master of the chaotic world. Who else could resist him with the power of the chaotic world? Brahma? Falling night? Do they see enough?

“Looking for death”

The old man was hit hard by a brick by Long Chen, and he couldn’t help but see stars in his eyes. A blood bag the size of an egg bulged out on the back of his head.

The old man roared and grabbed Long Chen with sharp claws like hooks. All the power belonging to the God Queen stage exploded, and the space where Long Chen was instantly shattered.

“Be careful”

Huai Yushan was shocked. She didn’t expect Long Chen to take action. It was already too late to rescue her.


The old man’s position was crushed by the old man’s bare hands, but Long Chen had already expected that this guy would become angry. After he succeeded, he directly activated the teleportation power of the Heaven-shaking Seal and ran away.

Because he ran too fast, an afterimage was left behind, which was shattered by the old man, but it was just an afterimage of Long Chen.

“Chi chi chi…”

The moment the old man realized that he had been fooled, countless wooden vines covered with dragon scales, like strange pythons, were shooting out from all directions.


The old man roared, the purple divine crown on the back of his head burned, and the vines condensed by Huai Minjun were directly shattered into powder by his terrifying power.

“Dragon Sophora Seals the Sky”

Huai Yushan seemed to have expected that these attacks would not be able to do anything to him. The moment the old man shattered the vines, a sky-covering dragon locust tree stood in the void, and endless strange pythons hung from the huge crown. Ordinary branches sealed the old man tightly in an instant.

Each branch was as thin as an arm, extremely flexible, and intertwined with each other, forming a giant network that covered the old man one after another.

This is the terrifying thing about the Dryad clan. Once controlled by them, it is doomed. Their nearly infinite vitality will be consumed to death no matter how strong you are.

The dryads are basically masters of the control system. They are good at capturing various opportunities and setting up various traps. Once the trap is formed, it is basically over.

“Asshole, if you want to kill me, go ahead and dream, the evil spirit escapes with blood!” The old man was trapped and let out a shocking roar, followed by a terrifying blood surge.


With a loud noise, Huai Yushan set up thousands of giant nets, but they were pierced by a sword, and the old man’s figure shot out.

Huai Yushan’s expression changed. She didn’t expect that this old man looked very old, but he still had enough blood and energy to inspire such powerful power.

When the old man broke through her blockade, she knew that she could not keep him today.

“Tune your sister, go back!”


The old man had just broken out of Huai Yushan’s blockade, and the Heaven-turning Seal in his hand quickly enlarged, and the bricks were like door panels, and he slapped the old man hard. With a loud bang, the old man was slapped back again.


The old man was so angry that he cursed loudly. Long Chen’s move was too damaging. It happened that just when his old strength was gone and before his new strength was born, he was hit without the ability to fight back. He watched helplessly as he was sent to death again. trap.

After a sudden turn of events, the old man obediently returned to the trap. Huai Yushan hurriedly formed a seal with her hands, and the barrier penetrated by the old man healed instantly.

“Boom, boom, boom…”

The old man struggled wildly, and the ground kept shaking, but he no longer had the ability to strike like that again. Although he struggled wildly, he was just struggling to his death, and the outcome was determined.

For endurance, except for a few special races, almost no one is the opponent of the undead clan.

While Huai Yushan was dealing with the old man, except for a few strong men in the middle stage of the God Emperor who took advantage of the chaos to escape, everyone else was almost killed.

This group of strong men from the Immortal Dragon Sophora Clan is surprisingly powerful. Moreover, their souls are connected to each other and they work together seamlessly, as if eight people share one soul. This ability is truly astonishing.

“Boom, boom, boom…”

The huge ancient locust tree was trembling, and the old man was still struggling, but his breath had dropped significantly. As a result, his end was destined to be death.

“Leave him intact, I will be useful.” Long Chen said.

Although she didn’t know what Long Chen wanted the corpse for, Huai Yushan still nodded.

After a while of burning the incense, suddenly the huge ancient locust tree trembled violently, and then a corpse was thrown out. It was the old man in the Queen’s period.

I have to say that Huai Yushan is really strong, and she will keep the whole body if she is told. There are no fatal wounds on the old man’s body, and his face is full of panic. He doesn’t know how he died.

Long Chen thanked Huai Yushan, threw the body directly into the chaotic space, and instantly cleared the entire battlefield.

Although she was surprised by Long Chen’s behavior, Huai Yushan did not ask, but ordered everyone to continue on their way.

Looking at Huai Yushan’s attitude, it was obvious that she did not take such an attack seriously at all. A strong man of this level was not enough to pose a threat to them.

Although she was a little surprised that the powerful God-Queen stage broke through her blockade, the rest was as expected.

Long Chen couldn’t help but secretly praise him. He finally saw what a truly strong person should look like. This Huai Yushan was much stronger than he imagined.

No wonder the Immortal Dragon Huai clan dared to let Huai Yushan lead such a group of young disciples for nine days alone, because Huai Yushan did have that strength.

From the beginning to the end, Huai Yushan looked calm and calm. She didn’t use her full strength at all, let alone use her trump cards. She already had the strength to compete with the strong ones in the God Queen period. You know how powerful this Huai Yushan is. Stronger.

No wonder he is known as the number one genius of the Immortal Dragon Sophora Clan~Soverse.com~With this strength, even Long Chen feels tremendous pressure.

“Long Chen, I didn’t expect you to be so strong!”

While walking, a male disciple of the Immortal Longhuai clan couldn’t help but say, Long Chen’s performance just now was so amazing.

“How strong I am, I am just because I have a treasure close to me. The most I can do on the battlefield is to help beat the drums.” Long Chen said with a humble face.

Anyway, with Huai Yushan, a super strong person, he can enjoy the shade under the big tree. He doesn’t want to be in the limelight. With Huai Yushan as his bodyguard, he can just take the opportunity to take a good rest.


After marching for more than an hour, Huai Yushan formed seals with her hands, strange divine patterns appeared in her palms, and she slapped the ground suddenly.


The ground shook violently, and then a scene that stunned Long Chen appeared.

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