#173 Nine Star Hegemon Body Art Chapter 5489: Silver is born



Hell Dragon Tianfeng gritted his teeth, and in the wings behind his back, there were two demon eyes, like two dark whirlpools, devouring all the power in the world, making people afraid to look directly at it.


At this time, the aura of Minglong Tianfeng has completely changed, it is evil and cold, with a hint of imperial coercion.


However, just this trace of royal coercion is many times more terrifying than the real Dragon King powerhouse.


That coercion comes from the will of the emperor of the underworld, which can crush all ways, reverse the universe, and destroy the gods of the heavens.


Even a strong man like Mo Yang couldn’t help trembling his soul when he felt the will of the Underworld Emperor.


They couldn’t imagine how much pressure Long Chen, who was facing the Nether Dragon Peak alone at the core of the battlefield, was under.


However, at this moment, Long Chen, like a normal person, looked at Minglong Tianfeng lightly, letting his aura stir up and thousands of ways collapsed, Long Chen remained calm all the time.


He is like a vast starry sky, no matter how powerful you are, under the endless starry sky, you are still a drop in the ocean.


Long Chen’s starry sky battle suit is floating, and his long hair is flying. Facing the approaching Minglong Tianfang, Long Chen said lightly:


“I don’t hate arrogant people, but I hate those who are more arrogant than me. Moreover, I hate those who have no strength of their own and are arrogant.


If I didn’t have something to do today, if I don’t beat you up, I would consider your **** to be of good quality. “


Hell Dragon Tianfeng didn’t understand Long Chen’s meaning, but he heard Long Chen’s contempt and disdain for him, he roared, and people rushed towards Long Chen like lightning.




However, just as he pounced on Long Chen, he suddenly felt something was wrong. With a quick flash, a sword energy flashed past where he was originally, cutting a crack in the void.


“Your Majesty Long Chen, Yue Zifeng, the commander of the Fourth Army of the Dragon Blood Legion, is here to teach you!”


Under people’s horrified gazes, Yue Zifeng’s figure appeared in front of Long Chen. Withdrawing from the Underworld Dragon Sky Peak.


This is Yue Zifeng’s second strike, the first strike, a sword that severely wounded the ancestor of the bone dragon clan, the former Dragon Emperor powerhouse, after being severely injured by Yue Zifeng, he was joined by Guo Ran and others beheaded.


Now, the second time Yue Zifeng made a move, he was equally astonishing and talented. Once he made a move, he was astounding. Even Tianfeng, who was as powerful as Minglong Tianfeng, had to avoid his edge.


“Such a terrifying guy, is he willing to be under his seat?”


Chi Wufeng and the others felt their scalps go numb for a while, this Yue Zifeng made a total of two strikes, but they shocked all of them, even if he was as strong as them, he was not sure that he would be able to survive this strike.


Yue Zifeng’s swordsmanship has reached an unimaginable height. When the sword is struck, ghosts and gods are shocked, irresistible, and unavoidable. This is a sword that can shatter the confidence of any strong man.




At this moment, Gu Yang, Li Qi, Song Mingyuan, Guo Ran, Xia Chen, Bai Shishi, and Bai Xiaole all killed and surrounded Minglong Tianfeng.


“The boss said that we have a 90% chance of defeating you, but the probability of killing you is less than 30%. I don’t believe it.”




Guo Ran holds a golden saber in his right hand and a large golden shield in his left. His battle armor glows all over his body, and with fierce murderous aura, he has already locked onto Minglong Tianfeng.


“90% chance of defeating me? Hahahaha…”


Minglong Tianfeng looked up to the sky and laughed, as if he had heard the funniest joke in the world.




Seeing Minglong Tianfeng laughing, Guo Ran also laughed: “Although I have always admired my boss, I have always believed in his vision.


However, this time, I think the boss has misjudged him. He didn’t want to waste his energy with you, so he gave us the opportunity.


However, I think we are not 90% sure of defeating you, but 90% sure of killing you. “


“Fart your mother!”


Hell Dragon Tianfeng was furious, he is the son of the Underworld Emperor, let alone the Underworld Dragon Clan, even the entire underworld, he can walk sideways.


Those who couldn’t beat him had to kneel down, and those who could beat him had to walk around because of his status.


After being slapped by Long Chen, Long Chen didn’t do anything himself, but called a group of subordinates to clean him up. This is clearly looking down on him. How has he ever suffered such humiliation? He yelled directly.




The spear of Minglong Tianfeng surged and pierced the void. As soon as the spear moved, it was already in front of Guo Ran.


“Don’t you brush your teeth? Why is your mouth so smelly?”


Guo Ran had been on guard for a long time. He swung the golden shield in his hand and stopped drinking at the same time:


“Dragon Sealing the Sky”




The spear of Minglong Tianfeng pierced Guo Ran’s golden shield, and on the golden shield, hundreds of millions of runes lit up in an instant, like the sun blooming, dazzling and shining.




To everyone’s horror, Guo Ran didn’t take a single step back and forcibly blocked Minglong Tianfeng’s shot.


You know, at this time, Guo Ran’s equipment has been replaced with the latest ones, and there are hundreds of armor accessories on his body, each of which is the existence of the highest-grade human emperor’s soldier.


With the combination of so many magic weapons and the cooperation of Qianlong’s power, Guo Ran already has the strength to challenge the Dragon Emperor in a short time.


The most powerful strength of the Qianlong clan is its defensive power. This shield is the strongest shield Guo Ran built according to his own needs, so it forcibly blocked the terrifying blow of Minglong Tianfeng.


Even for Guo Ran, this is a matter of course, because when the shield was built, Guo Ran once proudly said that even if it was the boss’s strongest blow, he could prevent it.


However, his confidence was shaken at this time, because the blow from Minglong Tianfeng made his arm a little numb.




Guo Ran stopped drinking, and the golden saber in his right hand slashed out like lightning, straight to the waist of Minglong Tianfeng.


Minglong Tianfeng’s spear slanted, and there was a bang, Minglong Tianfeng let out a muffled grunt, and was sent flying by Guo Ran.


All the strong present exclaimed, Guo Ran’s knife looks ordinary, but it really has such terrifying power?


What they don’t know is that Guo Ran’s shield is blessed by a formation, which transfers most of the power of Minglong Tianfeng to Guo Ran’s long knife. Naturally, he suffered a great loss due to the power of the dragon.




As a result, Minglong Tianfeng had just retreated, a sword qi slashed down, Minglong Tianfeng screamed, a wing was cut off by Yue Zifeng’s sword, and there was blood overflowing on the wing.


“Xiao Le, put it away quickly.”


Seeing that a wing of Minglong Tianfeng was cut off, Guo Ran shouted excitedly.




Suddenly a vortex appeared above the void, the wing was swallowed by the vortex, and disappeared in an instant, it was Bai Xiaole who used the technique of space to take the wing away.


“You are going to die”


Hell Dragon Tianfeng lost a wing, and the whole person suddenly fell into madness. He opened his arms, black flames flowed around his body, and the terrifying coercion of the Hades Emperor bloomed instantly.


“You are going to die”


Guo Ran saw that Bai Xiaole stole one of the wings of Minglong Tianfeng, he was very excited, holding a golden shield, he just went to kill Minglong Tianfeng.


“The sky is so high that you are the peak, and today we will level your peak.” Gu Yang followed closely with a bone dragon gun in his hand.


“Boom boom boom…”


The eight masters of the Dragon Blood Legion attacked at the same time, Minglong Tianfeng lost a wing, was immediately killed and fell back again and again, and fell into a disadvantage in an instant.


“Dragon Blood Legion belongs, kill all the traitors.” Long Chen shouted loudly.


Following Long Chen’s order, the dragon blood warriors left behind those strong members of the Dark Dragon Clan and rushed towards Ying Long and Bone Dragon Clan in an instant.


“The old man is fighting with you.”


When the two clans were about to be wiped out, Ying Bufei, the patriarch of the Yinglong clan, roared from the nine heavens.




Then people saw that Ying Bufei was wrapped in a milky white flame, and the power of sacred faith merged with his Dragon Emperor’s bloodline rapidly.




The ancestors of the white dragon, black dragon, red dragon and other races were immediately sent flying backward by the terrifying air wave.


“This is…”


They looked at Ying Bufei in shock. At this time, Ying Bufei was burning with flames all over his body, and his face was as ferocious as a ghost.


“You don’t need to fight with them, let me do it!”


At this moment, a figure appeared, with a cold face and fluttering silver hair, quietly appearing behind Ying Bufei.




However, the surprise turned abruptly~Soverse.com~The silver hair and five fingers were like hooks, piercing into Ying Bufei’s head.




At that moment, even Long Chen was taken aback.




Ying Bufei was startled, he wanted to struggle, but was shocked to find that he couldn’t move.


“I’ve been waiting for you for a long time, just waiting for you to integrate the Brahma seal. Now, you can go with peace of mind. I will avenge you for you.”


Silver-haired Remnant Kong trembled with his big hands, and a horrifying scene appeared. Ying Bufei’s body shriveled rapidly, and finally turned into fly ash.


But the silver-haired Remnant Kong was in high spirits, with endless divine flames circulating on his body, and there was a hint of imperial aura.


Silver-haired Cankong turned his head to look at Long Chen, with a cruel smile on his face:


“Long Chen, today, let me see how you escape from my palm.”


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