#173 Nine Star Hegemon Body Art Chapter 5297: The truth is revealed



【Nine Star Hegemon Body Art】【】


Long Chen raised his hand high and grabbed Liao Yong’s long sword.


At the beginning, the long sword was like a roaring hungry wolf, with awe-inspiring momentum. Now, in Long Chen’s hands, it is like a well-behaved puppy, daring not to make a sound.


There was silence between the heavens and the earth, and countless powerful men opened their mouths wide open. They couldn’t believe their eyes.


For Liao Yong’s blow, even a Shuangmai Human Sovereign-level powerhouse had to go all out to meet it, and if he failed, he would be seriously injured.


However, Long Chen grabbed the long sword with his bare hands. The most terrifying thing was that all the power attached to Liao Yong’s sword was silently dissipated by Long Chen.


It’s not difficult to catch a blow, but if you can quietly dissipate the opponent’s strength, you must have more than ten times the strength of the opponent to do it.


What shocked people the most was that Long Chen received Liao Yong’s blow without moving his arms, not even a single strand of his hair fluttered.


“Tick tick tick…”


Sweat was on Liao Yong’s head, and the sweat dripped slowly along his forehead to the ground. The voice was very soft, but in the silent arena, the people present could hear it clearly.


Only now did Liao Yong know how terrifying Long Chen’s strength was. When he slashed at Long Chen’s palm with his sword, his most confident power disappeared without a trace like a bull in mud.


At this moment, facing Long Chen, he seemed to be facing the endless sea of ​​stars. He looked so small. This blow completely shattered his confidence. He knew the gap between him and Long Chen. The gap between people’s despair, even if you work hard for ten lifetimes, you can’t make up the gap.




To everyone’s horror, Liao Yong suddenly lost his support and knelt down in front of Long Chen.


“Do you want to die or live?” Long Chen asked.


“I want to live!” Liao Yong said hastily, trembling all over.


His long sword was still in Long Chen’s hand. Through the long sword, he felt Long Chen’s killing intent. At that moment, the threat of death came to his heart, and he was frightened. The instinct of life forced him to succumb. .


“When did you betray Tianyu City?” Long Chen asked.


When Long Chen said this, the audience was shocked. They looked at Liao Yong in disbelief. They didn’t expect Liao Yong to be a traitor.


“I am…” Liao Yong just opened his mouth.


“Liao Yong, you dare to betray Tianyu City, die!”


At this moment, there was an angry shout, and a strong man from the Four Veins Emperor appeared on the ring, and slapped Liao Yong’s head with his palm.




However, the Four Veins Human Sovereign Powerhouse made a quick move, and Long Chen made a move even faster. A big hand full of stars was first drawn to the man’s face. The man obviously did not expect that Long Chen’s reaction speed would be so fast. Soon, before his hand touched Liao Yong, he was slapped away by Long Chen.




The Four Veins Renhuang strongman was sent flying by Long Chen’s slap, and slammed into the corner of the ring. With a bang, the edge of the ring was smashed into powder.


With a slap from Long Chen, half of the head of the Four-vein Human Sovereign powerhouse was slapped off, and he rolled all the way far away.


Long Chen’s slap was accompanied by the power of the stars. The strong here are all immortal cultivators. Their spells are extremely powerful, but their physical bodies are extremely weak.


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【Nine Star Hegemon Body Art】【】


Even a four-vein human emperor-level powerhouse could not withstand Long Chen’s star power, let alone he only wanted to silence him, but he didn’t expect Long Chen to attack him, and he was almost slapped to death by Long Chen .


“Long Chen, you are so courageous. You don’t take our Tianyu City seriously at all. Come and take Long Chen down. If you dare to resist, you will be shot.” Seeing Long Chen slap the strong man Cheng was seriously injured, Chi Feng was furious, and with a stern voice, dozens of strong men rushed towards Long Chen at the same time.


These dozens of powerhouses are all the core powerhouses of Tianyu City. They are powerful. Obviously, they have already made preparations to attack and kill Long Chen. cut off.




All attacks came from different angles, sealing off all of Long Chen’s escape routes, and the terrifying divine light swallowed the entire arena in an instant.




There was a shocking explosion, all the attacks gathered together, the entire Tianyu City trembled, flying sand filled the sky, and waves of air billowed, at that moment, all the experts present were stunned.


Everything happened too suddenly. It was obviously a decisive battle between Long Chen and Liao Yong. Why did the emperor of the four veins intervene? After recovering from the shock, everyone’s joint blow completely stunned them.




When the dust settled, people thought that Long Chen and Liao Yong were killed together into powder, the endless thunderstorms flowed, and the arcs of thunder and light poured down. A beautiful girl appeared in Longchen with a thunder barrier. overhead.


That girl is Lei Ling’er, the thunder realm she stretched out with her jade hands carries a vast imperial prestige, but this imperial prestige does not condense, gathers but does not disperse.


Lei Ling’er, who has passed through the Tribulation of the Human Emperor, has absorbed a massive amount of power from the Tribulation of the Heavenly Tribulation. At this time, she already has the prestige of the Emperor, and she is like a strong person in the realm of the Emperor.


These people wanted to put Long Chen to death, but they never imagined that Long Chen would be escorted by such a terrifying expert~IndoMTL.com~ Inside the Thunder Barrier, Liao Yong, who was kneeling on the ground, was trembling all over. No matter how stupid he is, he still knows that Chi Feng and others are going to kill him together, he roared angrily:


“You guys actually want me to die, well, everyone, don’t live. That’s right, I betrayed Tianyu City, but it was all arranged by you, Chifeng. You are the biggest traitor in Tianyu City.”


Liao Yong also went all out, since he was going to die anyway, he might as well bring a few backs, if there was chaos in Tianyu City, he still had a chance to escape.


As soon as Liao Yong’s words came out, the strong people present were in an uproar. Liao Yong shouted: “All those who took action have betrayed Tianyu City, and all of them have taken refuge in Jiang Yiming. They want to overthrow Tianyu City, and they will The entire Tianyu City is dedicated to Jiang Yiming and to the Shiling clan.”


“Liao Yong, you are bloody, we didn’t take refuge in Deputy Patriarch Jiang at all…” a double-veined human emperor shouted.


It turned out that this guy was a pig brain, because he had secretly met Jiang Yiming in the Shiling Clan, so he called out all his names. Now, everything is like a lice on a bald head-it’s obvious.


At that moment, the strong men of Tianyu City felt that the sky was falling, and the city guard actually betrayed Tianyu City and took refuge in Jiang Yiming. Is there any hope for Tianyu City today?


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【Nine Star Hegemon Body Art】【】


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The strong ones present were furious. They held their weapons one by one, gritted their teeth and looked at Chi Feng and the others.




As a result, just as he moved, a long black knife pierced through his back and protruded from his chest.


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