#173 Nine Star Hegemon Body Art Chapter 5295: Bad acting



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The strong men present looked at Jiang Yiming who was leaving, all of them were baffled. Based on their understanding of Jiang Yiming, he couldn’t tolerate Long Chen’s provocation at all.


But Jiang Yiming left just like that, which made everyone confused, but Long Chen knew that this guy couldn’t figure out his bottom line, so he gave up directly.


He is not yet ready to fight Tianyu City recklessly. He came here this time just to confirm whether Long Chen has the strength to destroy his plan.


However, although he didn’t know the details of Long Chen, he could tell that Long Chen was very young and his cultivation base could not be faked.


Therefore, he didn’t do any more probing, and directly led the people away, but it made the strong people in Tianyu City feel inexplicable, and at the same time, they smelled a sense of crisis that the mountains and rains are about to come.


After a false alarm, everyone returned to Tianyu City. Chuhe returned to his residence and began to retreat. He wanted to refine the elixir that Long Chen gave him. He was not willing to let it erupt in an instant , he needs to absorb it slowly, so as not to waste a trace of the medicinal effect, after all, this pill is too precious to him.


And Long Chen started to move freely again, Chuhe arranged the best training room for him, Long Chen practiced in the training room for a day, but finally failed to understand the relationship between immortal rune and root energy.


It is not suitable for long-term retreat at this time, because the war will be set off at any time. Bored, Long Chen is going to go to the Tibetan Scripture Pavilion again. He is not interested in the cheats here, but about the history and culture of Tianyu City, Long Chen Still want to know.


As a result, as soon as Long Chen came out, he was followed by a group of people. This group of people were all young disciples, and they were all top experts in Tianyu City. Among the group led by him was Liao Yong.


As soon as Long Chen appeared, he was blocked by them. This place is located in a very conspicuous place in Tianyu City. Long Chen was stopped, which immediately attracted the attention of countless strong people, who rushed over.




“Liao Yong, what do you want to do?”


When they saw Liao Yong and others, the disciples of Tianyu City shouted angrily. Before Liao Yong provoked Long Chen, it caused dissatisfaction among countless people, especially those female disciples. Like a younger brother next door, the desire to protect him arose invisibly.


Seeing Liao Yong and others provoking Long Chen again at this time, they suddenly became angry.


Liao Yong and others ignored those people at all. Liao Yong stepped forward, pointed at Long Chen and said coldly:


“Boy, what exactly do you mean? You offended the Golden Lion Clan first, and now you offend the Stone Spirit Clan. Are you trying to bring disaster to our Tianyu City? Say, what is your intention? “


“Liao Yong, don’t be bloody. Long Chen is our most precious guest in Tianyu City. If he has any problems, why would the ancestor treat him like this? If you question him, you are questioning the ancestor. , Believe it or not, I will report it to the ancestor.” A female disciple couldn’t stand it anymore, walked up to Long Chen, and shouted at Liao Yong.


“Li Yunhua, you’d better stay out of your own business. This matter has nothing to do with you. Besides, the ancestor has already retreated. Taking advantage of the ancestor’s absence, I want to tear off this guy’s hypocrisy and announce the truth to everyone.” Liao Yong shouted coldly.


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【Nine Star Hegemon Body Art】【】


“What face, it is clear that you are too jealous and want to deliberately frame Long Chen, we all have eyes, we all believe in Long Chen, if you want to deliberately frame Long Chen, you have to pass me first.” The woman called Li Yunhua said coldly.


This Li Yunhua is considered a respectable person among the younger generation of powerhouses in Tianyu City. He usually looks down on Liao Yong, and the two have always been at loggerheads. The dust fights the injustice.


“That’s right, if you want to embarrass Long Chen, just pass our level.” As Li Yunhua stood up, countless disciples stepped forward one after another. Many of them were Li Yunhua’s admirers. , the atmosphere suddenly became tense. #…?


“What are you doing? Is this a rebellion? What time do you think, and you still have the strength to fight among yourself?”


When the things here were in full swing, there was a loud shout, followed by the powerful aura of the Emperor, and then Long Chen saw Chi Feng coming with a gloomy face.


When Chi Feng came, the expressions of these disciples suddenly changed, and they hurriedly saluted Chi Feng. Although Chuhe had deprived him of the city guard position before, in fact, he did not take any action. He is the most powerful person besides Chuhe.


When Chi Feng approached with a gloomy face, Liao Yong rushed to say: “Lord City Guard, this Long Chen has a suspicious background and has ulterior motives. He first angered the Golden Lion Clan, and then provoked the Stone Spirit Clan. The city is dead.”


“You can eat indiscriminately, but you can’t talk indiscriminately. Do you have evidence?” Chi Feng shouted.


“I don’t have direct evidence, but do you need evidence for this kind of thing? I suggest that the city guard take him down directly. After searching his soul, he will find out after a try. If I wronged him, I am willing to kowtow to make amends. “Liao Yong looked at Long Chen with a gloomy expression.


“Nonsense, how can this be possible?” Li Yunhua was shocked and angry when he heard Liao Yong’s words ~IndoMTL.com~, searching for his soul, it was the greatest insult to a strong man, a humiliation that he could not accept even if he died.


“It’s really nonsense. Could it be that you can search people’s souls at will just by opening your mouth? It’s really stupid.” Chi Feng said coldly.


“If you are unwilling to uphold justice, then I will use the rules of Tianyu City to challenge him. If he wins, he will stay. I will leave Tianyu City. If I win, let him go away and leave me Stay away from Tianyu City, don’t make any more plans here, dare you?” Liao Yong said coldly.


Chi Feng looked at Long Chen and said, “Are you acceptable?”


Facing Liao Yong’s provocation and seeing Chi Feng’s dignified expression, they sang together, and their clumsy performance almost made Long Chen pee in embarrassment. This acting is too bad!


“Dragon Chen…?


, don’t fall for the trick, he deliberately wants to kill you, don’t agree, everything will be discussed after the ancestor leaves the customs. “Li Yunhua was afraid that Long Chen would not be able to see their intentions, so he hurriedly pulled Long Chen.


“Shut up, you don’t have a place to speak here!” Chi Feng shouted sharply.


Chi Feng’s face changed extremely quickly, Li Yunhua was startled by his stern shout, and he couldn’t help but take a step back.


“Hey, hey, hey, he’s so big, it’s too rude to yell at a girl.”


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【Nine Star Hegemon Body Art】【】


At this moment, Long Chen stood up and stood in front of Li Yunhua, his eyes swept past Chi Feng and Liao Yong, and a sneer appeared on the corner of his mouth:


“Don’t you just want to touch my bottom? Well, you got your wish!”




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