#173 Nine Star Hegemon Body Art Chapter 5094: Fuck people



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The road you walk, the bridge you walk, should be named after yourself? What a shameless person to do this?


When Lao Tzu conferred God, all the places Lao Tzu walked would be named after Lao Tzu? Long Chen was full of disdain.


At this time, Han Qianye continued to tell that Brahma Pill Valley has always been guarding the Heavenly Fire Sanctuary. Unfortunately, during the Chaos War, when monsters invaded, the Brahma God used his unparalleled magic power to ban the Skyfire Sanctuary.


But at the time of the ban, it was destroyed by the terrifying existence of monsters, resulting in two entrances to the Tianhuo Sanctuary, one entrance in the cold sky area, and the other entrance, but in the place controlled by the monsters.


Because the sanctuary has been polluted by the erosion of demonic energy all the year round, monsters have begun to occupy the periphery of the demonic realm on a large scale. If people want to rush into the core area, they need to kill them through the heavy interception of monsters.


Hearing this, countless people were stunned. They had never heard of this before. Listening to Han Qianye’s remarks, the scope of the Tianhuo Demon Realm is very large. The core area alone is as large as the entire Cold Sky Realm. It’s too big to imagine.


The entire peripheral area is occupied by monsters. If they go in, if they can’t rush in, won’t they all die in the hands of monsters?


In addition, in Han Qianye’s description, among the monsters, there are also children of destiny. If you are unlucky, you will encounter Sanmai Tiansheng, or even more powerful monsters.


Hearing this, many people’s hearts began to sink, and a disdain appeared on the corner of Long Chen’s mouth:


“Say but.”


Sure enough, after Han Qianye had just finished talking about the terror in the Skyfire Demon Domain, he changed the conversation: “Although the Heavenly Fire Demon Domain is full of crises and endless dangers, I believe that no one can refuse the importance of the Skyfire Baptism.


In addition, I have a passage in Brahma Pill Valley, which can directly send people into the central area of ​​the Skyfire Demon Domain. Although the central area is still half a day away from the core safe area, it has been greatly reduced compared to the outer three-day journey. risk. “


“What conditions do I need to use this channel?” Long Chen shouted.


Long Chen’s cry shocked everyone. When the Emperor spoke, who dared to interrupt, does this guy want to live?


However, Han Qianye was not angry. He glanced at Long Chen and said, “Yes, if you want to use this channel, you need certain conditions.


Because this passage was constructed by Lord God Venerable, and it was covered with the divine splendor of his old man. Only believers of Lord Brahma who believed in the divine splendor could pass. “


“Then if I want to join now, is it too late?” Long Chen said again.


Bai Yingxue was startled, she couldn’t believe her ears, what was Long Chen doing? Is he crazy?


Han Qianye shook his head and said: “I’m sorry, it’s too late, you’ve all been here before, and you’ve all looked up to the two gods, but in your body, I can’t see the slightest fluctuation of divine power, that is to say , you are not a believer of God.


But you can’t, it doesn’t mean that others can’t. Among you, there are many people who have a relationship with the Lord God. I sensed the fluctuation of divine power on your body. You may be able to enter the channel and directly teleport to the middle of the Skyfire Demon Domain. .


What I’m talking about is maybe, not absolute. Whether it’s possible or not depends on your fortune. Well, what can be said, I’ve finished. “


Han Qianye stretched out her hands and slowly made a seal.




The two statues glowed, and between the two statues, a gate of space was formed. When the gate of space appeared, a little bit of starlight appeared on countless people in the square.


“I… can I enter the passage?” Some people were excited when they saw the radiance on their bodies.


Han Qianye said, “Those with divine brilliance, prepare before coming to the passage. You have either worshipped Lord Shenzun, or you have believed in Lord Shenzun in your heart, so you have won the favor of Lord Brahma.


But if your heart is not sincere, you may not be able to enter the channel, so everything depends on your own creation. “


As Han Qianye’s voice fell, twelve old men walked out. To everyone’s surprise, these twelve people were all three-meridian Tiansheng-level powerhouses. They were lined up in two rows. Six, standing on both sides of the passage, instructing those with divine brilliance to come and line up.


Long Chen couldn’t help but pouted when he saw this scene, I know you have this kind of tricks, and in order to attract believers, you have taken great pains.


Those who have divine radiance on their bodies have all eaten the Brahma Pill Valley Pill. The Pill has the power of impression, and it is still within the range of the idol.


When people see the statue, they will feel shocked and adored. At this time, the effect of the medicinal herb will be stimulated, and people will become convinced of Brahma.


And some people have firm beliefs, even if they have taken the medicine pill, they can resist the deceitful power, but at this time, they have a little bit of heartbeat, which is related to their lives.


Long Chen looked at countless people and excitedly ran to the channel to line up. Long Chen was amused. This channel was deliberately used by Brahma Pill Valley to accommodate believers.


Anyone who is sincere or not is nonsense. Anyone can enter as long as they want, and they deliberately treat them differently to make those people feel superior to others, thus making others envious.


Soon, tens of millions of people came to line up in front of the gate of that space, while others could only watch.


However, when they lined up, they deliberately left a space passage. Bai Yingxue’s reaction was slower and asked Long Chen what it was doing.


Long Chen told her that all this was a routine. The reason why Long Chen talked to Han Qianye, Han Qianye was not angry, was because Long Chen talked to him, which would make the routine more effective.


Long Chen said: “They deliberately created that believers are higher than ordinary people. After a while, it was the Pill Valley disciples who appeared, and that channel was reserved for the Pill Valley disciples.


That means ~IndoMTL.com~ devout disciples are higher than believers, and believers are higher than the general public. The closer you get to Dan Valley, the more benefits you will get.


This is the signal sent by Brahma Pill Valley to everyone. There are two gods in Brahma Pill Valley, and one domain master is a human emperor-level existence. There are many benefits to relying on this big tree.


After all, the older generation of strong people have been fooled a lot, and it is not easy to fool them, but it is much easier for young people to fool.


Therefore, Brahma Pill Valley does not allow the older generation of strong people to see them off. Saying that there is no place to hold it, the order will be chaotic, that is all nonsense, and it is true that it is afraid of affecting the flickering effect. “


Long Chen has always been a big fool. He has seen this kind of routine too many times, but he can’t help it. He is a powerful fool, and the credibility is too high.




Long Chen just finished speaking, the void trembled.


“You are amazing.”


Bai Yingxue saw a group of figures appear, and couldn’t help sighing, it was a group of young disciples in Dangu costumes who appeared.


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