#173 Nine Star Hegemon Body Art Chapter 4962: Unable to discipline



Long Chen, a name that makes the entire Long family uneasy, because he is the son of the Four Heavenly Sacred Dragon Zhantian, the son of the murderous madman.


The news that Long Chen came to Tianhuang has been spread all over the Long Family. For Long Chen and the Long Family disciples, some people are angry, some are contemptuous, some are indifferent, some are curious, and countless people want to know, this What does Long Chen look like?


However, when they saw Long Chen appearing, everyone was stunned. His face was white, his brows were bright, and his handsome cheeks seemed to hide some kind of melancholy, with a maturity that he should not be at his age.


Wearing in black, set off his temperament, both noble and mysterious, so conspicuous in the crowd, standing out from the crowd.


“He is Long Chen? The son of the murderer? Why doesn’t he look very powerful?”


“Is it him? Why does he look soft and weak, and looks harmless to humans and animals. Did he recognize the wrong person?”


“It looks so handsome, so heart-warming, it seems to pull him around and protect it.” Some female disciples are overflowing with love, and have a strong desire to protect the “weak” like Long Chen.


In short, when Long Chen arrived, it caused an uproar, and almost all the eyes of the audience were focused on him. However, when Long Chen’s identity was confirmed, some people immediately contempt, some ridiculed, and some even criticized Long Chen. made a provocative move.


Facing these people, Long Chen has long been used to it. This kind of childish behavior, if Long Chen pays attention to them, it will appear that he is too childish.


On the other hand, Gui Jiu, who was beside Long Chen, looked extremely ugly.


In his heart, a strong man like Long Chen should call for support wherever he goes, the strong make way, and the weak worship, not the one in front of him.


“You filthy mercenaries, get out, this is not a place for you to come, don’t defile the sacred arena.” Suddenly a strong man stood up and shouted.


It turned out that the mercenaries who followed Long Chen in were all mercenaries from the mercenary city, because Long Chen covered half of the arena’s viewing seats.


Originally, Long Chen was not prepared to come after he reserved the venue, but if Long Chen didn’t come, this group of people would not dare to come. Long Chen had no choice but to come.


At this time, someone shouted across the street, and countless people immediately followed, yelling that the mercenaries were dirty pigs, and some even scolded the ancestors of the mercenaries.


This group of mercenaries, because of their low status, came here even more apprehensively. If it wasn’t for Long Chen, they would not have the courage to set foot here.


After they came here, they were sitting upright and didn’t dare to do anything unnecessary. They seemed so restrained, but even so, they were still greeted with endless abuse and ridicule. They suddenly felt extremely sad and couldn’t wait to find Drill into a hole.




Suddenly Long Chen opened his big hand, and black spots appeared in his eyes, and the spots surged and gathered into a small vortex.




When that small whirlpool appeared, hundreds of whirlpools appeared on the opposite side of the spectator seats. The place where it appeared was the group of people who abused the most.




Some people exclaimed, when the whirlpools appeared, those whirlpools devoured this group of people, some people wanted to struggle, but they couldn’t resist the terrifying suction at all.




The space in the arena trembled, and hundreds of people screamed in horror. They were actually sucked into the black light balls. They struggled frantically, but they couldn’t break through.




Long Chen opened his big hand and clenched it tightly, the black light ball slammed into compression, and then burst, and endless blood mist floated between the sky and the earth.


At that moment, the entire arena, whether it was on the opposite side or on the side, was stunned, and the noisy arena became silent in an instant.


“In the face of death, there is no distinction between high and low. I really don’t see where your nobility is reflected?” Long Chen said lightly, with a hint of sarcasm in his voice.


His voice was not loud, but in the arena where the needles could be heard, it was like thunder, and the air was filled with blood, telling them that what happened just now was not a dream, but a reality.


Those people who still thought that Long Chen was “harmless to humans and animals” were simply stunned. This man was killing people without blinking an eye. This time, they believed that he was Long Chen, because their father and son were both ruthless. Not much exists.


Long Chen turned to look at the surrounding mercenaries and said: “So, you need to understand some truths, no one is born noble, and no one is born low for a lifetime.


We must move forward firmly. No one can stop our future, not even God. Our life is our own, and only we can control it.


The road of life is not in vain, every step counts, even if sometimes it seems to be standing still.


The hardships of life are not for nothing, and every effort will be rewarded, even if those efforts seem to be useless.


Behind the strong are all accumulations, the steps forged by blood and sweat are the cornerstones of your journey to the cloud.


The so-called azure cloud is soaring into the sky, it looks quite attractive and enviable, but when they step into the air, there is not even a buffer place, and they will inevitably fall to pieces~IndoMTL.com~ and then No chance of turning over.


The reason why people don’t understand this is because people are used to looking forward and looking up, but not looking down and looking back, so they don’t see the painful lessons of those people.


Like them, they died silently, and you’ll soon forget them, but those well-dressed, flamboyant people are still in your sights, like the ones in front of you. “


When Long Chen said this, the scalps of the powerhouses in the arena on the opposite side were numb, and they were shocked and angry. Under what circumstances, he should not kill us all!


“Long Chen, you are lawless, killing people indiscriminately, do you know the crime?”


At this moment, in front of Long Chen, there were four Heavenly Saint-level powerhouses. As soon as they appeared, four chains stabbed at Long Chen like lightning. At the same time, the arena trembled, and countless The thunder symbol poured into the chain.


“Is it because I’m not ready for it now?”


Long Chen sneered, waved his hand, and a black lightning spurted out, which was the divine brilliance of the keel evil moon.


Long Chen slashed out with one knife, without even looking at it, he put away the keel evil moon, and then people saw that four chains and four figures were cut off at the same time.




The chains and figures exploded, and it all happened so fast that people didn’t understand what was going on, and it was over.


The current dragon bone evil moon is no longer the previous dragon bone evil moon. Its power is gradually awakening. It is obviously that there is a strange law attached to the chain, but it is still easily cut off by it.


The blood fog filled the sky, the thunder symbols circulated, and the four Heavenly Saint-level powerhouses were killed with one blow. At that moment, all the Long Family disciples were terrified.


“Boy, court death!”


At this moment, a cold shout came, followed by a violent coercion, which made the people in the entire ring unable to breathe, and felt that their bodies were about to be crushed.


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